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Welcome to RxStories.com, where pharmacists can shine a light on how PBMs and Big Insurance are harming patients across the country. Every pin on the map below tells a story that highlights what’s wrong with the pharmacy benefits system in the United States. It’s a system dominated by three large PBMs that control nearly 80 percent of all prescriptions. They are among the largest and most powerful companies in the healthcare system. Each of them owns a mail-order pharmacy that competes directly against local community pharmacies. Each of them owns, or is owned by, a big insurance company whose profits are increased by paying lower and lower reimbursements to pharmacies. Their size and power allow them to decide what pharmacies patients must use, what patients will pay for their drugs, and what pharmacists will be reimbursed for counseling patients and dispensing their medicines. Important decisions that were once made by patients and their pharmacists are now made by distant corporate entities that serve their own interests.

The healthcare system is awash in data. RxStories.com exists to remind policymakers, analysts, journalists, taxpayers, academics, and the public that there are real people behind all that data.

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