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May 7, 2012 - Ambien and Sex - Information Update - Many people have been requesting documentation of serious and surprising issues with Ambien sex experiences or stories about the problematic sexual side effects this drug may cause. These types of stories are mixed in with the content on this page. However, they are dispersed throughout the page. Readers should beware that some of these have been called crazy stories, meaning they are very unusual or eccentric (rather than psychopathological, per se).

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-Submitted March 13, 2008
I had sex in my sleep

I am sure people have heard the stories of people doing things in their sleep while on Ambien. I didn't believe some of the stories I heard..but it's all true. There have been many nights I have randomly called some of my friends just to talk to them or texted them at 11:30 at night. My husband has told me that I have also done a few weird things, like going through my nightstand, sitting up in bed and talking to him, but the exciting story I have has to do with my husband. I had sex with him one night for two hours!! I remember bits and pieces, like it was dream, but I don't remember all the details and how it lasted. He had no clue I trully was asleep doing this. I do have history as a child walking and talking in my sleep, and also as an adult, but not as frequent. Now when I take Ambien, my husband always asks if I am taking my crazy pill. I haven't had sex again, but continue to talk in my sleep.

-Submitted September 10, 2008
construction and ambien

I woke up the next morning to over 50 bruise on my legs and a sore stomach. After freaking out I noticed that 3 more full sheets of dry wall and been put on the wall and 10 sheets moved to a new location. I am 5'2 and a 150 pounds, how could I move that much weight and not be a wake? One thing amazing, I even new to know to level the sheets and wedge them off of the floor. What is going on when you take this medicine. I have also been told that I binge eat, talk on the phone, buy items online and clean after I take my night time pill!

-Submitted February 28, 2009

I started having sex w/my boyfriend after having taken an Ambien. At first, it was normal, but after awhile, I became aware of the presence of other men in the room. It was as if they were riding his back while he was making love with me. Like they wanted to be a part of the energy -- sort of just hanging on and watching. It wasn't scary, just kind of other-worldly.

Another time, he told me that I had started to get frisky with him, then abruptly turned my back to him, said I'm going to sleep now, patted his winkie and said you're on your own! And then I was out like a light. Weird!

-Submitted March 23, 2009

Well, the first night I felt like my apartment was rolling along top the ocean, I could see swells animate on the floor. I stood up to change the thermostat and could barely walk. I remember returning to my bed and falling asleep immediately. The next day, I did not have any hangover. That first night's experience occurred only once. I took Ambien virtually every night for a year afterward. The only side effect upon taking Ambien was double vision, but I was so relaxed it didn't scare me. Every time double vision occurred, I just closed my book and fell asleep. My sister had to stop taking Ambien. She would sleep eat, act like an intoxicated person would behave at a wild party, etc... A couple of her friends claimed they saw her sleep walking around the college campus in the middle of the night. She admits not having any memory of it. I've also heard of people having seizures after stopping 'cold turkey'. Any one considering stopping Ambien should keep this in mind and discuss this with their doctor before running this risk.

-Submitted August 27, 2009
Sleep binging

My father in law sleep binge eats. I once walked in on him while getting a bottle, we had a big conversation. Next morning the kitchen was trashed, an entire cake was gone, as well as boxes of ceral. He asked what happened. I said, well, you were in here eating the cake when I got the baby a bottle. All he could say was please tell me i had on clothes (which he did).

-Submitted September 21, 2009
forgotten intimate moments

Hi, I have been taking Ambien for a few weeks. On two occassions my bf said we had sex and it was great. Only it seems to me that we had not had sex in days. In fact, I can't recall a moment of the sexual escapade! I'm happy I can trust my bf or else who knows what he could or would have done to me. Cheers to all, be careful who you take Ambien around! Lock your doors and set your alarms!

-Submitted February 23, 2010
Strange visual effects

I've been on Ambien for a while now - (I miss the old white pill where you could break it in half). I noticed sometimes it didn't work - like a placebo. I discovered that you shouldn't eat a few hours before bed time, and that seems to fix it. Sometimes an activator (cheese and crackers) can help it set in faster. When this happens however, the effects seem to be a little more dramatic. The walls and roof actually begin to roll and I can't tell which way is up. I close my eyes and drift off. That's all I remember. Apparently, after about 30 mins, I'll get up and drive, or engage in some conversation completely reasonable - appearing completely lucid and without question of my true mental status. I'll work in the office and not know till the morning that the task has already been done - well! As nice as this is, it worries me that I would endanger someone else, so I have someone hide the keys to the truck. I guess my life's an Open Book to anyone who wants info after I've taken ambien, all they gotta do is ask!

-Submitted March 4, 2010
Ambien craze

I have had problems sleeping for several years, and I have been off and on Ambien since it came out in the 90s. I have been known to sleep eat, sleep talk, online shop, sex, etc, while on Ambien. Of course, I had little or no memory of it the next day. One night about 1 1/2 years ago, is the craziest story I have about Ambien. I woke up one morning with smooth, hairless arms and the word BATH written in tape in my bathtub. My fiance (now my husband) said I apparently shaved my arms while taking a bath and then decorated my bathtub with the word BATH in it after I had taken my Ambien. I would never shave my arms in waking life and can't imagine why I would want to even on Ambien, but apparently Ambien makes me do weird things. At least I didn't write the word BATH in permanent marker or something, or I would've really been in trouble with the landlord. At least I could just peel the tape off, but still, this proves that while taking Ambien, I'm capable of doing incredibly stupid things. My advice to anyone who needs this medicine for sleep is this: when you take it, make SURE you are lying down in bed ready to go to sleep. If you take it and then continue to get ready for bed, you will most likely start doing crazy stuff. As long as I don't get out of bed after taking it, I'm fine and I just sleep all night with no problems. My husband makes sure I stay in bed after taking it and he watches out for me. It also helps to have someone trustworthy to keep your Ambiens for you, so you don't take it, forget you took it, and then take more (I've done this, too).

-Submitted April 14, 2010
wow i feel like a retard.

ok so the first night i took ambien i was with a friend. it was stupid cuz we weren't really taking it to go to sleep but just for the funny feeling it gives you. well we couldnt feel anything so we took two more and headed out the door to take a drive. the only thing i remember was driving on the bike path a little ways out of town. the next time i took it i had a few stuffed animals in my room and i would freak out on my boyfriend for inviting all these people to my house for a party...then i started to calm down and began singing a song about a chocolate chip potato over and over. my boyfriend and i do tend to have sex more when im taking this, and i am also very social when i take it. it is a fun sensation but dont be a retard like me and take advantage of it!

-Submitted April 17, 2010

I started taking Ambien for severe insomnia. It worked great for awhile (or so I thought.) The first incident I had, I woke up the next morning to find that I had filled my humidifier up with coffee. Didn't think much of it and kinda laughed it off. Another night I guess I had cleaned and organized my closet. It was amazing how clean and neatly arranged everything was but I have absolutely no memory of it. The same night I got out my christmas decorations and began decorating my balcony with x-mas lights. The only thing I can recall was thinking wow those are really pretty lights. The next day I discovered that I had just plugged in a strand of lights and threw them over the side of the railing. The last and final straw on Ambien was late last year. I had gotten off work on a Friday night and came home and got ready for bed..and thought I went to bed. I guess I was up all night making phone calls, and everyone said I sounded fine on the phone. I can't remember anything for that whole weekend. I apparently kept taking the drug over the next two days. I ordered pizza, called some more people during the day, and rearranged my furniture that whole Saturday and can't remember a second of it. That Saturday in the middle of the night I called my mom at 4am and then again at 5am. On Sunday, I made place settings for 3 people and kept calling my mom and asking where the heck she was. Apparently I thought she was coming over. That Sunday night I called my mom again asking where in the bleep did my dad hide my cigs. I guess I couldn't find them. I tried scraping the ice off my car window so I could go to the store and get some. I then locked myself out of my apartment. I can kind of remember standing outside in the freezing cold buzzing everyone in my apartment building to let me in. I have no idea how long I stood out there. The next thing i remember was that Monday at noon my sister called me freaking out and worried. After I finally came out of my Ambien haze I went out to my car to make sure I didn't drive. It was in the same spot, my purse was inside dumped all around, and I tried to scrape my window with my library card. I tried to recap the weekend but there is only bits and pieces that I remember. I still don't know if I went down to my neighbors apartment to yell at them for there loud music. It feels like a dream and I don't know if it's real. I took almost 20 Ambiens that weekend with no memory of doing so. Needless to say I could of easily killed myself that weekend and I flushed the rest of the pills and will NEVER again take them. SCARY

-Submitted June 2, 2010
changes peoples mindsets

My boyfriend has Aspergers (mild Autism & extremely shy, nor can he sleep at nite. The following morning after he takes an Ambien he is re-animated into a normal, fast moving, talkative out-going assertive indvl.It kinda works on him like an anti- depressant . Be careful with these, pills. With me the next day I awaken at 8am and then fall out for another 7-8 hours sorta like a General anesthesia feeling hang-over. Be afraid be very afraid...

-Submitted June 5, 2010
I had sex while asleep

I have had sleep issues for years and was prescribed Ambien after a few other sleeping pills failed. About 30 minutes after I take it, I start to feel like the bed is floating on the ocean or going over waves. That is usually the last thing I remember. My husband says that first I start to see trees and soldiers in the room. The other night he says we had sex. I have no memory of it at all. He says that I am usually crazy for about an hour and he has to make me lie down in bed for me to go to sleep. It is the only sleeping pill that has helped me, but I would never take it unless someone was hear to watch me and make sure I didn't hurt myself or something.

-Submitted June 16, 2010
Mad Manicurist

I have been taking Ambien for well over a year for severe Insomnia. I too have experienced weird happennings. The other morning I woke up to use the rest room and noticed the nail polish remover on the counter. I normally put that away when I use it. Then I looked down at my nails and voila! I had bright orange nails! And I did a damn good job! This isn't the first time I've done this while on Ambien. I have woken up several times to lots of crazy colors. And I always do a wonderful job. I will also do homework assignments and find all this highlighting and notes in my books but I don't remember what the heck I read! I will also arrange junk drawers or clean my room. I have sent text messages and had hour long chats and have no memory of them.Another interesting thing is I will find my bedroom toys lying on the floor next to my bed in the morning. Apparently, I had a good time...with myself!I have also got preoccupied with my facial hair trimmer I use to shape my eyebrows. Well I now have no nasal hair left in my nose! Entirely crazy! I'm lucky I still have my eyebrows!!! I write in my journal frequently and then the next day I'm like who wrote this??? I definitely recommend not taking Ambien until you are IN bed and turn off the TV AND PHONE! I don't know what to do because I cannot go to sleep without it.

-Submitted June 29, 2010

I had only started taking this drug recently for insomnia. I had no idea that it had any side effect other than some memory loss after you take it, and of course beautiful sleep. Aparently though, shortly after I have taken it I start writing, some of the writing's are very weird and disconnected, a little sci-fi and just weird. But the sex part is the weirdest. He said that I was pretending one night to be a preachers wife teaching him how to pleaseure his soon-to-be wife and then after that story I pretended to be the sister of his soon-to-be wife, who was telling him all kinds of freaky things including I'd be open for a 3some with him and my sister. The next night I pretedned to be some kind of massuse, and he won't tell me the rest of what I said/did because it was too sexually charged, and he was at work. He doesn't beleive me when I tell him, I don't remember ANYTHING. So I looked up a search and found this site, I'm REALLY glad to know I'm not the only one.

-Submitted July 29, 2010
The Lost Saturday

I have taken Ambien occasionally since the 90's to swap shift work but never regularly and never noted any side affects other than sleep, actually loved having a pill to put me to sleep from time to time. Due to work stress a few months ago I began taking it almost every night and had bad dreams where I was angry, using language I don't use and physically fighting people at work and I assumed it was due to stress. However that all changed last weekend when I lost my Saturday. That Sunday when I woke up my knee hurt and my nose felt like I had been punched and I have no idea why unless I fell down the stairs or worse. Days later I remember small pieces of the day but after about 2 pm nothing until the next afternoon when my son asked me why I had not gone to church that morning and I told him because it is Saturday and I actually argued with him until I looked at the calendar. I had emailed and called some people during this time who are very important to me and apparently became abusive and am still trying to correct these problems but I will live with lack of sleep before I take this stuff again.

-Submitted August 5, 2010
Taken off a plane

I was forcibly removed from Lufton Airport in England because I had taken two Ambien while sitting at the gate waiting to board. I had just made an early morning connecting flight and was pleased that I was going to be able to sleep well on the long flight back to the States. I recall taking the two tablets (unaware of how potent this dosage is) and then the next thing I remember is seeing the gate agent with four legs, vines crawling up my arms, and a loud confrontation about how I was damn sure as all hell going to get on that plane...the sign over a door saying BAA (British Airport Authority) was the next thing I remember and then I was LITERALLY strong armed out the airport where I slept on a bench for the next 8 hours. I recall waking up and seeing different types of people and thinking Oh...these people are going to Africa...Oh, these people are going to Asia..etc..etc.. About 7pm that night I got it together, grabbed a cab to a hotel, and had to profoundly apologize the next day to British Airways in order to be let on the next flight. I like Ambien but you really have to be strapped in bed and stay there!

-Submitted August 8, 2010
Crazy Time

I got a prescription for ambien in college. It was my final semester before graduation in May and my wedding in July, and I was seriously stressing. The first night I took it, I was sitting in bed with my laptop IMing with a friend. I don't remember the conversation, but the IM log shows that I told him, My words to you are black letters stitched on a white silk sheet. I stitch, I type, I stitch. I also IMd two more of my friends, and several of the people I work with on an online game, wild rantings about raspberry coke.

I then tried to organize my closet but wound up falling over into the laundry basket, unable to stand up. My fiancee had to rescue me and put me to bed. We were lying in bed and the breeze began to ruffle the curtains, and I clearly remember seeing wagon wheels rolling across the ceiling. I sat up and screamed, roll out the chuckwagons! and then insisted my fiancee drive to Sonic to buy me a cherry limeade. He refused and I settled for some orange juice from the kitchen. Not wanting me to fall down again, he went to get it for me -- I was completely passed out by the time he got back from the kitchen.

-Submitted August 18, 2010

I was prescribed zolpidem for insomnia a while back, i didn't know how long it would take to work so the first time i took it two hours before i went to bed. i felt funny, couldn't stand up for long, and when i went to bed i started hallucinating crazy stuff like horses made of gravel, birds with spatula beaks and jumping daisies! the next night i took it at the right time but i still thought that there was a snake in the window. these weren't scary though just bizarre. a couple of times i was just fine on it but then another time i looked out of my window and though that the tree outside was made of dragons, and i lay there for ages trying to work out if the dragons were having sex! however, it did help me sleep but i soon came off them because i didn't really want to enjoy those experiences too much and become reliant on them!

-Submitted August 23, 2010
Double Vision

I've never had a zombie experience, but I am pretty sure i am having severe doulbe vision right now after having taken it last night. I've only used it two nights, so I hope this problem goes away soon. The drive into work this morning almost seemed like I was drunk.

-Submitted September 3, 2010

I'm a 16 year old female with many chronic conditions. One of these is insomnia. Because I experience chronic pain at night, I have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting a good night sleep. After trying many different medications, a new doctor sugested Ambien for me. Excited, I immediately began my new treatment for horrible sleeping habits. I had numerous episodes that I can't remember. One episode was quite interesting. According to my mom, I was sitting up in my bed with my two dogs at my feet, and I had continued to throw Cracker Jack's at my dogs until the entire box was empty. I was also told that I was eating, singing, dancing, crying, and calling people all while under the influence of this medication. However, there was an episode that I thankfully cannot remember. I had taken my Ambien and laid down, turned on my tv, and was relaxing. I was told by my family that I ended up coming out of my room in a dazed stare, crying my eyes out. I apparently sat in my dads lap for 3 hours, crying hysterically, begging him not to hate me and saying things such as, I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I love you so much Daddy. My family obviously didn't sleep well that night... but apparently I did. I woke up the next morning to a huge cut on my left calf, and saw my hunting knife laying open on the ground with blood all over it, and a towel that was laying near by. The cut was about 6 inches long and half an inch deep.

Ambien was a TERRIFYING drug for me. Lay right down when you take it, or you might do something crazier than I did.

-Submitted September 8, 2010
Alternate dimensions

Taking ambien and staying awake is not hard for me, but when I do I can see what seems very strange. Watching beings come out of my mirror or jump into other people, seeing shadow figures and other life forms, trees twisting and moving, things that are im sure im not suppose to see. other people or beings I have seen some times appear to be surprised or shocked that I am paying attention or following them. Tall skinny shadow figures with no real features follow me at times too just follow and watch, always keep a distance of a few feet. I am afraid that these things are actually here and that i just cant see them at times, then I just shrug it off. Thought I was posessed by spirits, saw demons and things, other people have told me that I actually became someone else for a while, talking in an accent and using words I dont ever use and not remembering any of that but then ill seem to become concious again in a new position or room with the person talking to me and they tell me about all the wierd things I said. Talking about energy fields and wierd stuff, tracing things in the air, talking to people and things that are not there.

-Submitted September 14, 2010
Near death experience

I originally started taking Ambien because I could not sleep but now realize the underlying cause was restless sydrome. The RLS is a great and demanding urge to move your legs that you can not ignore. I have been on the Ambien for a year and on Mirapex for the legs about half of that time. The Mirapex takes approximately 2-3 hours to kick in so I began leaving it at the office. On many occasions I would forget to take it. The effect was so bad that I would get up and drive to the office and return. Sometimes this was with the ambien and some times not. I did notice my driving was sort of in a fog and erratic. Also noticed during the day while driving I would have lapses in my memory while driving not know how long I had been out of it and sleep driving. NOW COMES THE LAST TIME. Staying out of town I had forgotten the mirapex. I took the Ambien hoping that sleep would get me through the night. This is what took place as told to me by a person that was with me. I got out of bed, dressed, and drove to waffle house at midnight. came back and had not eaten. The next I was told was that I had gone out int he hall to walk off the RLS and locked myself out of the room while they were sleeping. and NO, I did not have any clothes on. Apparently someone gave me a towel and the desk gave me a new pass key. I woke my room mate up and we dressed and went out for breakfast at 4 am. My driving was so fast and eratic I had to give up the keys. Ate and had a normal conversation. BAck to the room. Back to bed. By 530 I was back up, dressed, got luggage and checked out by myself. the next I Knew I was feeling the car impact something. I had crossed 3 lanes of traffic, jumped the curb, took out a power pole, ran over a 4 x 4 post sign, and through some bushes and landed up against a house. the car was totalled from the firewall forward. The police said if I had been driving something smaller than my Grand CHerokee that the outcome may had been totally different. I walked away with bruised arms and ribs. NOPE, did not have a seat belt on. WHAT I REMEMBERED

-Submitted September 14, 2010
Near death experience

I originally started taking Ambien because I could not sleep but now realize the underlying cause was restless leg syndrome. The RLS is a great and demanding urge to move your legs that you can not ignore. I have been on the Ambien for a year and on Mirapex for the legs about half of that time. The Mirapex takes approximately 2-3 hours to kick in so I began leaving it at the office. On many occasions I would forget to take it. The effect was so bad that I would get up and drive to the office and return. Sometimes this was with the ambien and some times not. I did notice my driving was sort of in a fog and erratic. Also noticed during the day while driving I would have lapses in my memory while driving not knowing how long I had been out of it and sleep driving. NOW COMES THE LAST TIME. Staying out of town I had forgotten the mirapex. I took the Ambien hoping that sleep would get me through the night. This is what took place as told to me by a person that was with me. I got out of bed, dressed, and drove to waffle house at midnight. came back and had not eaten. It was suggested that I run a hot bath and soak. Did that but left the water running and went back to bed. The next I was told was that I had gone out into the hall to walk off the RLS and locked myself out of the room while they were sleeping. and NO, I did not have any clothes on. Apparently someone gave me a towel and the desk gave me a new pass key. I woke my room mate up and we dressed and went out for breakfast at 4 am. My driving was so fast and erratic I had to give up the keys. Ate and had a normal conversation. Back to the room. Back to bed. By 530 I was back up, dressed, got luggage and checked out by myself. the next I knew I was feeling the car impact something. I had crossed 3 lanes of traffic, jumped the curb, took out a power pole, ran over a 4 x 4 post sign, and through some bushes and landed up against a house. the car was totaled from the firewall forward. The police said if I had been driving something smaller than my Grand Cherokee that the outcome may had been totally different. I walked away with bruised arms and ribs. NOPE, did not have a seat belt on. WHAT I REMEMBERED running over a curb first time out for something to eat in the hall naked with people yelling at me. no clue how I got there. laying over the car console feeling the impacts. The police asking a couple of questions. How did they possibly think I was not under the influence of something. Are you that normal to others??? the EMS guys checking me over. and that is it until over an hour later. I never have filled in the holes in my memory. WHAT I DO NOT REMEMBER leaving the hotel or returning taking a bath after I had left the tub running and went back to sleep. going to sleep waking and going into the hall without any clothes on. returning to the room. leaving with another with clothes and driving to another all night diner, eating and carrying on a conversation returning to the hotel as a passenger leaving and checking out of the hotel driving to the site of the accident getting out of the car after the accident what took place between the accident and the tow truck returning me to the hotel. getting a ride back to the hotel and waiting for a ride from there

I could have been killed or worse killed someone else. If anyone would like to share they can contact me at

-Submitted September 14, 2010
I write weird stuff while on Ambien

I like to write fictional stories. Often, I'll sit up late at night with MS Word and write. I am currently writing a long story about someone hiking the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mtn, GA to Katahdin ME. My character is up in VA right now.

Most of my writing is kind of mundane, but sometimes I get a bit creative. That is, until I take Ambien (the regular one, not the CR). I usually take one 10mg pill once in 3 nights. That seems to work best for me.

About 1/2 to 1 hour after having taken the Ambien, my writing will start to get a lot more creative. I usually don't know exactly what I'm writing until the next morning when I open the Word document and start reading it. Funny that I always manage to save it before quitting.

In this particular story, my Ambien mind has created all sorts of time/space portals, where I can travel great distances on Earth, or to other planets (including Pandora, where I have met Neytiri several times). Sometimes the story will be mixed up between fantasy and actual events that I recall.

I have also found myself doing other things on my computer. In one of the games I like to play, I'll find a new scenario saved, which I have no recollection of playing.

I have never sleep-walked or done anything else while on Ambien. I was astounded to read about the guy who put up drywall one night. That is really weird.

I also dictate into a voice recorder at night, trying to record my dreams. When I have taken Ambien, I get some very strange recordings that I do not recall having made.

I only wish that I could be as creative under normal conditions as I am while taking Ambien. I think it proves that there is a hidden personality within all of us, and taking drugs like Ambien can cause them to come to the surface. I feel bad for people who get into real trouble while taking Ambien. I have read some horror stories about people getting arrested for DUI or other offenses, and waking to find themselves in jail. I should be happy that all I do is write. It's very interesting, and maybe it will help me actually become a writer someday.

-Submitted September 17, 2010
Larry's tale

I took zolpidem one evening a couple of hours before my normal bedtime. All I can recall is going to the bathroom to brush my teeth and thinking about a work related item while I was brushing. After a period of time my wife wondered where I was and came hunting for me. She heard me singing and laughing behind the bathroom door and came in to see what was happening. Since I dont normally sing and especially dont sing and laugh privately she knew something was strange and sent me to bed. I have no recollection of when the stuff hit me or what or why I was singing. In the morning I thought (and hoping) it was dream recalling only the part of her being angry about me not helping put the kids to bed.

-Submitted September 22, 2010
Online shopping

My story isn't as crazy as some of the previous posters, but I have learned pretty much to go right to bed after taking an Ambien. I had taken one and then remembered I needed to order a birthday gift for a friend. I got onto the Nordstrom website and started browsing. The friend I was shopping for is in her mid-thirties, and in the past I've generally gotten her some nice earrings or other kind of jewelry. The next morning I checked my email, and had two order confirmations from Nordstrom. I had placed two separate orders for a pink scarf with a black Scottie dog print all over it. It's not the kind of thing I would order for anyone I know, and certainly not for anyone over the age of 10. It was a little embarrassing having to call Nordstrom to cancel the orders.

-Submitted September 26, 2010
A Road Less Traveled

My first night on Ambien consisted of me first calling my best friend who was on vacation 500 miles away and telling them to lower their voice because they were upsetting the meeting going on in my room, I also requested that she come to my house and help me pick the bugs off of my ceiling. After that, aparentlly I told my sister that their was a road in my tv and that I was going to take the one less traveled (all while pointing to the microwave).

-Submitted October 18, 2010

Uh so I have anxiety related sleep issues, since my doctor won't prescribe me anything that actually relieves the anxiety (like ativan, Xanax XR, ect.) she wrote me a script for I walked around my house to pink Floyd full blast listening to comfortably numb eating a whole loaf of bread. Then one night I made the novice mistake of taking it with my other meds takes me about 15 minutes to brush my teeth, shower, and hop in bed...well I laid down in bed and hopped on my iPad to check something quick that turned into about 4 hours of staying up, having weird conversations with friends over facebook, posting retarded crap on forums. If you take it GO TO BED WITHIN 30 SECONDS. Oh and stay the heck away from facebook...try not to take it with benadryl either unless you like your ceiling turning into a glowing green moving rug made of zebra skin...holy crap...Everytime I take it at night I have to wake up the next morning and check my phone for weird txts, outgoing calls and check facebook for anything I may have posted. I don't like this drug at all...if I can get some alprazolam off someone I do since I sleep like a dream on that.

-Submitted October 22, 2010

I have done a lot of odd things on Ambien. Here are my most recent. I hadn't slept well for the last few nights, so I decide to take two. I woke up the next morning and my back porch was painted BRIGHT purple. I live in and apartment complex, it wasn't mine to paint. All I remember was thinking how it was so dull my porch is and this paint I had was a really pretty shade of purple. More recent, my ex and I are in the middle of custody combat. His sitter recently dated a friend/co-worker of mine, but are now broken up. My friend decide to call me late at night ask a few questions about her. I remember answering the phone but nothing I said afterwards. Considering I was annoyed by an earlier meeting with my ex and his sister, I'm sure I was happy to give out information and didn't sugar coat anything. By my ex reaction the next day, it must have been bad. This does nothing for me for the custody battle.

I will always love my Ambien

-Submitted November 2, 2010

I took three zolpidem(forgetting each time i had taken one already) and thought i had fallen asleep. I hardly remember this but My pillows were actually little colorful elves and they pushed me off my bed, and a little man in a black cape stole my phone. From what my dad told me the next morning, i had almost fallen down the stairs, and i told him i really needed to brush my teeth but ended up throwing the tooth brush on the ground. Oh and i was naked the whole time. But i wake up in the morning and my rooms a mess, my phones gone, and theres a christmas tree on my floor. DONT take ambien.

-Submitted November 8, 2010
A Plethora of Ambien Stories. . .

I have been a terrible sleeper for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure why, or even when the sleep troubles began, but they've certainly been around for a WHILE-- and I'm still dealing with them today.

I'm 21 now and I started taking Ambien when I was about 15. The first couple of weeks that I took it, I didn't notice a thing out of the ordinary. I think this was due to the fact that I would take it directly before I shut off the lights and attempted to fall asleep. One night, however, I decided to watch some T.V. Apparently, I had turned the T.V. off, gone to sleep for about twenty minutes, and then gone out in the living room to watch T.V. with my Mom. I don't remember this, but my mother had told me about it afterward.

The first time I, myself, noticed anything strage was when I was lying on my bed with my two feet on the wall. I was looking at the different shapes the paint (or plaster. . .) were making on the wall and that was when I noticed a tiger, not in color but in shape. It would come out of its little cave and wave at me and then go back inside. It did this repeatedly until I was rolling around on my bed laughing.

Another night, I remember my Mom coming in and catching me just sitting on the edge of my bed, staring at the black T.V. screen. She asked me what I was doing and I said, I'm watching the people. They're behind me, in the corner, and on my knees. She giggled a little bit and put me to bed.

There were other nights when I woke up and found watermelon on the carpet and in on the bathroom floor; or when my friend and I dressed up in all black, packed out airsoft guns in our pockets and walked around the streets looking for other night crawlers, only to end up shooting our friends in the stomach; or when that same friend and I decided we wanted to make fresh smoothies, so we got dressed and started to walk to the nearest Safeway and ended up taking a ride with two RANDOM asian men to some deserted racing area and then playing pool with them until we finally had them drop us off a block away from her house.

So yeah. . . don't take it any more.

-Submitted November 10, 2010
oh my gosh

Reading these posts really freak me out! I have been taking ambien since diagnosed ideopathic-hypersomnia, apnea, narcolepsy..I thought it was strange the doctor would put me on medication to help me sleep since sleeping didn't seem to be what my problem was at all! But after my sleep study showed my crazy talking, night terrors, tossing and turning, apnea and apparantly I wake hundreds of times during the night too (with no memory). It made sense I should take this medication at night and sleep solid therefore reducing my symptoms during the day. I still take adderall for the narcolepsy so as I don't fall asleep during my daily activities but I do find myself generally feeling better all around. When I first started taking the ambien I noticed a strange, euphoric feeling lasting about 15 minutes or so before it was nighty night time for me! After a few weeks I noticed I could take it and not fall asleep for 2-3 hours but I never took more than the dosage so I would be forced to deal with the weird happenings still I eventually passed out. I would text, facebook, mildly hallucinate, and even have sex with my boyfriend with no memory the next day. I have heard of people driving and even a murder investigation involving a potential ambian dose, but never just staying awake around the house doing funny, weird things. I will definately be talking to my doctor, as should any one of you that have concerns about the affects this drug has on you. Thankyou all for sharing your stories, you could save lives so continue to share! Best wishes everyone, C.

-Submitted November 12, 2010
No Horrors

I have been insomniac for about 6 years. The only thing that works for me is Ambien/Zolpidem and I've never driven on it, sleepwalked (other than drowsily going to the restroom when nature called); maybe the worst thing was seeing some jars on my countertop moving when I was lying in bed. It could have been a trick of the light for all I know, as I was dozing off. It used to work really well for me, but lately wears off after about 3 hours. I find that my body has to be tired in order for it to work longer. I never drink and take sleep medication; that would be stupid. Nor do I indulge in any kind of illegal intoxicant. I don't even smoke. Everyone is different and has different chemistry; what works for one person might not work for another. I've tried Restoril (temazepam), Lunesta and even Sinequan (doxepin) (which my neurologist advised me was an old sleeping medication, but it's actually a tricyclic antidepressant & I specifically told him that I don't want to take anything that will alter how my mind works; I know the source of my stress and how to combat it; I don't want to take things that will do things to my mind. I did try it and it made me feel like I was on a roller coaster. I also tried Trazodone once; that stuff made me feel like my heart was racing. I have to take other medication for physical problems that were not of my making, but I haven't done anything crazy while taking Ambien. It does work a little better if I eat a few crackers after taking it, but I've never gone out and driven around or saw other people in the room or even engaged in sexual activity while on it. Nor have I eaten everything in sight. I know that there are other people like myself who don't experience strange things while on it. Why do we only hear horror stories about it? Why don't the people who it helps come forward? Every medication has its good and bad side. Yet no one wants to say anything good; I guess it's more interesting to read horror stories than read testimonials of helpfulness.

-Submitted November 14, 2010

I haven't personally taken Ambien before but my wife does fairly regularly. One of the few times she tried to stay awake after taking it she got up off the couch and grabbed a cherry cheesecake out of the fridge and had a little snack. A few minutes later I noticed she had stirred the entire thing up. She looked at me and in a very concerned voice asked me if it was pretty. I told her that it was and asked that she put it away because I was honestly concerned that she was going to try to paint the walls or herself. She tried to get up and fell into the wall. I decided she and I would sleep on the couches that night.

We've had sex a few times after she took it as well but nothing strange happened other than the fact that she REALLY enjoyed it.

-Submitted November 15, 2010
Park Bench

When my husband and I started dating we would sit up all night and chat online. I used to take Ambien frequently and I remember being on the computer with him and thinking that he and I were sitting on a park bench talking to each other. We lived two hours away from each other so of course we weren't really, but it seemed so real at the time. After we were married, I remember sitting in bed after taking Ambien and telling him that I could see my thoughts floating around in the air and if I wanted to think about one of them I would just pluck it out of the air and smush it into my head. He told me I could never take Ambien again.

-Submitted November 17, 2010
Ambien vs. Alcohol

I have never had an ambien high, but I do know I sleepwalk on ambien. If I stay up after taking the pill I find all kinds of clues I have been up eating and partying the next day.

Food is left out of the fridge, crackers and things are left on the counter out of the wrappers, and the brandy is out of the cupboard with the lid off and some left in the bottom of a glass somewhere in the kitchen or in the den near the TV.

Seems I am partying watching television until I crash on the couch, but never anything sexual even if I do wake up.

Be careful ambien is a sleeping pill and could stop you breathing if you take too much. My take on the ambien sex thing is that most of what you see is just stories. Even if they were true, this reaction to ambien probably extremely rare.

Personally, I would just stick with alcohol. It is safer and works great for lowering the inhibitions. Forget the promise of the ultimate sex pill. Ambien is just another sleeping pill and dangerous to boot. If you sleep walk and take more ambien you could overdose.

For me I will stick with alcohol in moderation. Do too much and you effect performance, but a little is just right. Imagine the sordid stories we could all tell if we were discussing alcohol.

-Submitted November 25, 2010

I've taken Ambien 10 mg for several months. If I don't fall asleep right away after taking it, I find myself being hyper-productive. I once created a craft for my class and did it so impeccably that it was hard to reproduce in the actual class setting. I order on-line, talk on FB and some phone conversations have been quite explicit, revealing feelings and information I would not have normally done.

My husband tells me I have conducted business meetings while on Ambien. He says I hold entire conversations and deliver great presentations. I have no recollection of this the next day.

Occasionally, I do binge eat, but I think that is more because I get so relaxed on the drug that I want comfort food to go with it.

-Submitted December 14, 2010
Friends don't let friends Ambien and Facebook

I woke up this morning tomy computer open and a bunch of letters that didn't make any sense at all as my status. I looked around the room wondering who had been on my Facebook and come to see that I had been writing some pretty unkind ugly stuff to a guy I really liked! Something about me being a big deal and do you know who I am and that I got game. Yikes! Not cool. On top of my eratic FB postins there were quite a few texts and phone calls to that same person, also none of which were kind ro made sense. I noticed a carton of eaten Ben and Jerry's, a protien smoothie and a half eaten plate of nachos on the floor. I got up to see who had been making food and realized that no one was home but me. I called my brother to see if he had been in my room and he informed me that I had made waffles and smoothies around 4 am. He said my dad had heard the noise and came up yelling at me that I was burning up the motor on the blender because I was running it without having actually attached the pitcher to the blender. My response was I'm sorry! and continued about my business making evveryone smoothies. I woke up to organized drawers and a load of wet laundry in the dryer. I had totally cleaned out the lint trap added a fabric softener but failed to to press start. I used up 6 bananas and half of my container of whey protien for the drinks. Lol...thank goodness the guy I FB'd had is incredibly cool. I dunno if I'd forgive me! Utterly mortifying.

-Submitted December 20, 2010
Like the vast majority of users that have success

Used wisely, Ambien in wonderful. It saved me from the depths of alchoholism. I've worked graveyard shift for 20yrs, and have had to drink myself to sleep every morning with huge amounts of Vodka,..I'm talking at least three cups of 80proof vodka a day for over 25 years. My health and mental condition were an ongoing trainwreck that had me fantasizing about suicide the way most sober guys fantasize about attractive females. I'd drag myself to work like a dead dog, clock in (if I could remember my password), spend 8 hours in a nightmarish hell hangover of faking I was a human being as opposed to the ambulatory rotten corpse I really was. There's not enough space here to list every health disaster I suffered, or the times I'd just sit there on the sofa with a 9mm pistol stuck in my mouth telling God to F off. Finally my HMO doctor suggested Ambien for my shift work insomnia,..and the last two years have been booze free and wonderful. I never thought I'd be back into mountain climbing and kayaking, like I was before the bottle. Now I can read great books again, and gone is the pain from my swollen liver. I thought that pain was a permanent part of my identity. And I thought all-day hangovers at work were just the hell on earth I deserved. Ambien, I've taken it for 2yrs,..the 10mg pill,..if this is addiction, bring it on, I love it. I will Never increase that dosage, given the wisdom of my drunken debacle decades. Funny, I haven't had all the side effects you guys are having,..once the detox from booze was over (horrible nightmare) I have been given a second chance at life. Actually I feel like a kid again, like I've just turned 21 and want to try everything.

-Submitted January 8, 2011
From Fun to None

I have tried Ambien a few different times, but was only recently put on this to help me sleep. Years ago who i used to use it for a good time it was an amazing enhancer to pretty much anything. Only problem was i used to wake up knowing Nothing of what happened. The one time i do remember was when i took at least 8, 5mg tab(some oral,some in lines). After about an hour i decided that they were not doing anything and took my car for a 45min drive to buy beer in a snow storm. I had no idea where i was driving too but it was sure as hell the best drive i have ever had. So i get to the store stand in front of the cooler for about 25 min trying to decide what was the best choice. Next thing i know im in the car again and im now stuck in a snow bank. So i get out with bare hands and start to dig out the car. Next thing i remeber was some guy trying to tow me out when i hear a loud bang the rope being used snapped. Some how i ended up getting out and was back on my way, and before i knew it i was sitting at my house in the car and all the beer was gone. I woke up the next morning and only until i found the receipt did i believe it actually happened. I honestly thought that everything was a dream until that point. That was the last time i ever took it. well Until now that is, I now take it 20mg at bed time given by the dr and have No side effects at all. I have only been using it for 2 weeks but so far so good. Only complaint i have is the next day it tends to make me feel really sad inside. I do wake feeling Great in the AM though.

-Submitted January 18, 2011
I am so sorry

I was prescribed Ambien to help me sleep while I was going through Kolonipin withdrawls. My story still makes me sick. I came home one afternoon after meeting my fiance for lunch. I was feeling pretty bad from the withdrawls that I took two Ambien to calm down and nap. This was at about 3:00pm. The last thing I remember (from the night I ruined my life) was sitting outside with a glass of wine talking to my mom on the phone. (this was about 4:00pm) The rest of my story his been told to me from others around me that night. As I blacked out the next 12 hours of my life. My fiance came home at 6:00pm to find me making dinner of omlettes and fried frech fries, bacon burning and the house full of smoke. He said that at 8:30 he took the kids into the bedroom because I was super crazy. I then took my car and left the house. (I NEVER drink and drive) Nobody knows where I was for 2 hours. I showed up at a friends house at 10:30 and she said I asked her to go out. (The rest of the story I got from her) Make note: I don't go out...EVER!! I am always home with my family. Anyway, she said we walked to a bar down the street. She said I made all kinds of crazy phone calls and couldn't remember things that she had told me just seconds before. It is now 4:00 in the morning and I have my first little flashback memory of that night. I am on the ground outside. I can't see who is behind me. I can feel him though...and I hurts. I ask myself is this really happing? I am saying STOP!! GET OFF!!! YOU ARE HURTING ME!! and that is it...that is the only memeory I have from that night. Maybe about 3-5 seconds. I go to the police. They ask me his name, what he looked like, what he drove? All I can say is I don't remember. My fiance calls my friend from that night to ask her how this happened. She tells him she took my car and left me with this guy. Apperently, I had be making out with him at the bar. (something I would never do in a million years) But I guess I did....cheated on the father of my children the man I have been with for ten years. I ruined everything and have no memory of any of it. Well, except the sodomy...which makes me ill everyday. Please girls don't take this stuff. If you can't remember anything....he gets away with it.

-Submitted January 31, 2011

For those who believe we are making this up. sorry but it's true. The shadow figures in our bedroom watching us at least trying to have sex when we are on it is the most that has reoccured. My boyfriend even said the last time there were 2 couples having sex in our room and one figure sitting by the door just watching. About 6 months ago we were having sex on ambiem and i went into this other world and was, or at least thought i was having a conversation with this girl, not a figure, in a tunnel. no idea who she was. guess i was dreaming. it's weird that alot of the stories are related to sex. why is that. people watching, really! I once looked at my boyfriend of 6 months who lived with me and asked him who he was. he told me and i was likereally? I had no idea he lived with me and didn't believe me. the thing is though, alot of stories on here people don't remember. I remember looking at him dead in the eyes in complete light having no clue who he was and why he was in my apt. all these stories are kinda starting to freak me out. confirms im not crazy though.

-Submitted February 2, 2011
Raped by my girlfriend

I know, raped is a ugly word, but it is what we jokingly call it. She was tired of my odd behavior on ambien and wanted to have sex. I was out on ambien one night so she just climbed on and did it. I have no knowlege of it except that she was able to show me a couple cell phone pictures the next morning. Ambien is a dangerous drug. I have all kinds of stories (told to me by my girlfriend) of me doing all kinds of odd things like yelling, doing things that make no sense and even eating all kinds of things in all kinds of amounts. They should make this med much more difficult to get. I am not trying to downplay what rape is, just pointing out that anyone on this med really has no ability to give consent to anything they do...with or without clothes.

-Submitted February 4, 2011
Ambien Adventures

I began Ambien about four months ago to help with insomnia and erratic sleep patterns from my severe depression. While I now take it exactly as prescribed, for the first month or two I abused it whenever I had it and usually ran out two weeks before my monthly refill. During those two months I convinced myself, partially through the use of Ambien, that I felt more for a man I was seeing than I truly did feel. I had sex with him, but only on Ambien. I've heard some call it a truth serum, but for myself, I notice that I get an idea and I think it's the greatest idea ever and the execution cannot be delayed. Like rearranging my entire living room in the middle of the night and pinning one of my skirts up on the wall as decoration. Or emailing ex-boyfriends. Or smoking cigarettes inside my house. I've finally stopped abusing my Ambien to forget and make the days go by faster, but occasionally I will have strange experiences. Like the other night. I took my Ambien like I normally do--after I'm in bed and have read a book for 10-15 minutes. I continue reading until the sentences start to wiggle around in chunks...and then I know it's time to go to bed. Well, this night I randomly got up and started drawing in my sketchbook. I realized that I was being ridiculous and needed to sleep, not draw, and laid back down. Then something in my apartment fell and made a loud crash. Ambien convinced me that someone was trying to break in, and I got up and hid all my money in my wallet somewhere so the intruder couldn't get it. Well, I successfully hid my money from the intruder, and myself, because I still haven't found it and I've torn my entire apartment apart several times. However bizarre the side-effects can be, I'm still glad I'm on Ambien, and it's changed my life for the better. I can function during the day now because I actually fall asleep before 3 or 4am, and I've established good sleeping habits. Just like any drug, it can be abused, but used correctly, it can greatly improve quality of life.

-Submitted February 4, 2011
i see dead people...

I once dated a girl who was a RN for a trauma emergency room. She worked graveyard shift and often relied on alcohol and ambien to aide her for sleep. One night, after several drinks at dinner, we stayed up to watch a movie. She opened a bottle of wine, popped an ambien and settled into the couch. About an hour into the movie, I notice she isn't really paying attention and catch her glancing around the room with a look of concern on her face. I ask her what's wrong and she replies, nothing. She is 3/4 through the bottle of wine and pops another ambien. About twenty minutes later, she leans into me and whispers in my ear, are we the only ones here? I loof at her like, wtf? and tell her, yes. There's no one else here besides my dog. She says ok and then tries to concentrate on the movie. Twenty minutes later, she again asks, are you sure there's no one else here? I look at her a bit annoyed and said, what makes you think someone is here other than us? She doesn't answer and I think, great I'm dating a crazy person. She finishes the bottle of wine and proceeds to open another and I try to stop her but its too late. She pours another glass (spilled half of it) and is stumbling around. I am fully annoyed now and cart her off to bed (where she spilled the remainder of her wine on my sheets). She is drifting off to sleep and I am wide awake. I head to the kitchen, pour a glass of wine for myself and notice her ambien on the counter. I take one, down my drink, and went to let my dog out in the backyard. After about ten to fifteen minutes, I opened my backdoor and notice there are some people in my neighbors backyard. Its 5am. I kind of panicked and yelled for my dog to get inside. I go to my room and tell my gf there are people breaking into my neighbors backyard shed. I am about to pick up the phone to call 911 when I glance at the chair in my room and notice a lady in my chair with a baby in her arms cradling it as if she rocking the baby to sleep. (She was wearing a hospital gown). I freakin' flipped out and shook my gf violently saying. There's someone in my room! She replied, I know. And there's someone in the corner playing the guitar. I turned around and sure enough, I saw someone in the corner playing the guitar. I started pacing my house, trying to make sense of it all. After about thirty minutes of pacing, I went back into my room and tried to just sleep it off. The next day, I was in a stupor from the events that took place. I remebered everything crystal clear, but the gf didn't remember a thing. I googled ambien and the side effects and found out the nature of this drug. But, after thinking about all of this and witnessing some other instances where my gf is on ambien, I often wonder does this drug make you see people that aren't there or does it make you see people that are there (ghosts perhaps). That house that these events took place in did have a bunch of weird things that went on in there before and after that night. We also once stayed at haunted hotel where I was able to capture a photo of an apparition and she is looking right at when no one else was aware of it (she was on ambien at that time). I guess I am the one sounding crazy now...

-Submitted February 9, 2011
Sugar daddy

Last night after taking ambien i was on the computer a while. I checked my bank balance and found out i was overdrawn and had a transaction that depleted it. the negative -600 was really upsetting. so of course I facebook an ex boyfriend from 20 years ago and tell him i need a sugar daddy. i am married by the way with 2 small children. i go on to ask him what he can offer me as a sugar daddy. can he give me money? yes, so embarrassing. the next morning i deleted all my messages because i am too embarrassed to read them. i send him a link to a site that explains ambien blackouts with embarrassing stories and say sorry. from now on i take the pill and turn out the lights!!

-Submitted February 25, 2011
Sleep Eating

I have been using Ambien for (3 years) now for insomnia. I tried everything and Ambien was the only thing that worked and didnt make me feel extremely groggy the next day. At first, it worked great. I would take the pill and no matter what or where, I was taken to the ground and asleep within 20 minutes. Two years ago, I would take the Ambien and not remember having sex or saying certain things or speaking to people on the phone...complete amnesia. My husband didnt have this effect when he took ambien in the past in fact, ambien didnt do anything for him, so he doesn't understand. Currently, it doesn't work as great for me and I end up taking 1 1/2 or 2 which my Dr says wont do anything but I feel it does. I find myself waking up several times a night and eating. I especially eat sweets and cereals. I also will sleep walk out to the living room and watch TV although I wont remember what I watched the next day. I also will text people or email and make more sexual innuendos towards them, I do not remember the next day and suffer embarrassment as I dont want everyone to know I take ambien and its hard for people to believe this med does these things. In the past, I have left my home while being on Ambien and not remembered how I even got home or where I drove to. Taking Ambien and being in an argument with someone should be avoided at all costs as you arent really you during this time! Also dont take this med if you are really depressed or suicidal at the moment! You shouldn't take ambien unless you are going right to bed and you should explain to your partner (if you have one) that this drug has these side effects and they should be aware!I feel like the medication can make people gain weight as you eat without being aware of it..there have been times I have awoken with food or crumbs in my mouth and even drool stains on my pillow from chocolate I've eaten etc. I also have taken food to bed with me and it has gotten the whole bed a mess. I feel that this medication can really put people in scary situations where they APPEAR that they are awake and mentally aware but they are in fact in a dream like state from the medication.

-Submitted February 26, 2011
24 hr. Amnesia. Woke up in Psych ward.

I am an RN of 7 years....which makes no difference, as this drug differentiates none between educated and non educated, black or white, young or old, male or female. Mine is the same as everyone elses here in so many ways. I suffer from chronic back pain from several disc herniations, and restless leg syndrome. I let myself run out of medication for both. After a short clinic day I came home around 9 am and about 10 was ready for a nap as I did not sleep the night before. Knowing that my back pain and RLS is at its worst when I try to sleep I took a 10mg ambien. Have been on them PRN for a year or so. After an hour or two I had yet to sleep well. Taking another 1/2 tab is the last thing I really remember until almost 24 hrs later. I woke....or sleepwoke....and took by our calculations 4 to 6 more 10 mg ambiens. I remember zero. I began calling and texting my wife at work with random strange broken messages.....I love you....x...goodbye,There are men here trying to get me and they are vomiting all over the house....stuff like that. She returned home at 10pm to a nightmare sight. I had destroyed our bedroom and bathroom. I had cooked food and scattered it in the bedroom, poured talc powder in piles in the bathroom, and had bowel movements in almost every floor in three rooms. I flushed plastic walmart bags down the toilet and overflowed it. She tried hard to calm me down and get me to bed and try to sleep it off. After a few minutes I was up looking for her as she was trying to hide.....hoping I'd go back to bed. I kept hunting her down and standing in the door way naked ( im VERY modest). Fianlly around 4 am she decided to take me to the ER not knowing what else to do. In the ER I tried to leave, pull out my IV and urinary catheter. I deficated in a corner of the room and continued to stay naked. Something about ambien make people allergiic to clothes. After going to the ER and all screens coming back clean they had no idea what had happend so a judge comitted me. Taken to a mental health ward where I came down, I had to try and explain to doctors and other nurses that this was not on purpose but started out as a simple nap and ended up as 4 of the worst days in my life and I was not suicidal or off my rocker. Hard to do when I had also cut my arm and chest with a pair of mustache scissors at sometime. I was lucky that my wife decided to do what she did. I did'nt drive to mickey d's and crush the life out of someones beautiful child with my car while eating 50 McNuggetts. If you take ambien........control it or let someone else control it for you. Better yet even....stop taking it. Give a natural herbal sleep aid a chance. There are some out there that work. I will not take it again.

-Submitted March 10, 2011

I was prescribed ambien for my insomnia issues. I took it every night and I got stoed. People thought I was drunk. I started stealing, and ringing doorbell bumming for coggarettes on my block at 3:00am wheen there was a thunderstorm and we were under a tornado warning. I didn't care, I was brave and I have the courage. I used to have fun on it. I used to make out with guys and not remember. Once my cousins came in from out of state and I don't recall anything of that night. Once I slept through my Mommy ringing my doorbell that she rang 200 times aand I didn't answer, she thought I was in a coma or dead, my next door neighbor had the tools to break mmy door down, I was lucky I was in a deep sleep. I used to make prank calls on that stuff. I finally learned my lesson, because G-d kn ows what can happen next, rather be safe than sorry..................

-Submitted March 10, 2011
The kid in the guest room

My husband was deployed overseas, and my friend had asked if her son can stay in our guest room while he went to college, I said sure why not this way I am not along. Long story short I couldn't sleep and my kids were driving me nuts. My parents took the kids for the night it was only Thursday. I went home, got take out and took a 10mg Ambien. I remember nothing after that besides watching TV. I woke up with my friends son (Fro)in my bed, both of us naked. I was going nuts. When I finally calmed down he told me what I've done. After Fro came back from class he said I made him dinner, then I went and took a shower, came back in a robe and told him to have sex with me. Then we both took a shower got all dressed up to go to the club. He said I was dancing and touching all of his friends. He said I was begging all of then to have sex with me, I gave one guy a blow job in the bathroom, 2 guys took turns having sex with me in the car. On the way home I had sex with 2 different guys in the backseat of the minivan while Fro drove. We stopped off at the 7-eleven and instead of paying the guy for the beers I blew him too and got more condoms. he said I asked one of his friends to stay with us for the rest of the night to record what we were about to do. Apparently I got my wedding dress out and we had a pretend wedding and a honeymoon. I feeel so disgusted. I didn't believe him until he showed me the pic's. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MED... I only took it once

-Submitted March 21, 2011

I've been taking ambien for about 3 years. for insomnia, as my doctor prescribed. About 8 weeks ago I took a 10mg tab &laid down, Iremember taking at least 1 more. I awoke to my dog (a huskey) screeching in the back yard. I ran outside to a blood smeared yard & a barely breathing dog. I can remember calling my vet, driving to his office a couple miles away. He told me to leave the dog & he would call me as soon as he knew anything. I get his call next morning@work, dog ok, chocolate poisoning. Retrieve dog take to neighbor&return to work. Get off work neighbor tells me another neighbor's young kids had fed her a big bakers chocolate bar. I remember the kids faces as they told me&mother explaining her husband would make it right when he got back to town. He wrote me a check I remember depositing in the bank. The suprise is it never happened&my vet,neighbors,&even some family members think I'm nuts.Could this halucination have been ambien induced??

-Submitted March 22, 2011
sometimes good sometimes really really bad

I've taken ambien for about 6 years on and off, both Cr and non Cr. When I first started taking it I would instantly fall asleep and be unable to move. After taking it for a while I started staying awake longer or waking up after falling asleep and doing/saying crazy things. I would email, call, text, write messages on facebook, have full conversations with roommates or friends face to face where I seemed completely lucid, if someone I was dating was over id have sex (they always said it was amazing and I loved it, but I always woke up with a weird feeling... something about not having control over your own body freaks me out beyond belief). Most of the negative things happened when I took the Cr version, or if id take one dose then forget id taken it and take more... that happened frequently. Recently I've taken it and woken up to my apartment being extremely clean (all of the dishes done, laundry folded, things placed neatly out for the next day, things organized meticulously (like everything on my bathroom sink lined up perfectly and alphabetized). I've woken up with my nails painted different colors or trimmed and not remembering it. Most recently I posted a status on facebook that made sense, but it was just strange, that I didn't remember. So mainly a few quirky things have happened lately but nothing serious. For me, its the high controlled release dose that makes me hallucinate badly and make lots of bad choices. I would advise having a babysitter for the first few times you take it or if you know you sleepwalk on it. I needed a boyfriend to stay over because for a certain period of time I was making grilled cheese sandwiches every night (and leaving them on the counter but eating everything else in the kitchen) and one night I left the stove on until my roommate came down in the morning and turned it off. If my boyfriend was around he would just put me to bed and not let me eat/cook/damn near burn my house down lol. Having someone around to watch you is so worth even a tiny amount of sleep when you have insomnia though. Ambien may cause me to do some crazy things sometimes, but its the only thing that puts me to sleep that isn't a narcotic or a benzo that have a very high risk of addiction.

-Submitted March 28, 2011

I used zolpidem. The next morning my wife asked me if I enjoyed masturbating in the middle of the night. She said she woke up to me going to town, watched me cum, ... then without saying a word, I rolled over and went to sleep. I have no memory of this whatsoever! That scares me a bit.

-Submitted March 30, 2011
Cant live with out it but have to make adjustments

I Have taken Ambien for about five years after struggling with insomnia from PTSD...It got worse after i returned from war and struggled with two full time jobs and a full time college schedule. At first I would only take one about every three days just to get sleep during the week. I would be sitting at my desk doing my homework and start chatting online with random people, as well as slurring my words when i talked to my bf,, he would walk me to me bed and put me in it but i would have no recollection of any of it. after graduating I began taking on more responsibilities as my children all very active and always running from one event to the next along with a very stressfull job. (now im a single parent) I began taking it nightly to get to sleep because i would stay up all night and have to go to work ( for an excutive office) with dark circles and feeling manic from lack of sleep. About that time i began dating a guy i had known for many years through the military but had never shared any of my personal information with any one. I apparently shared my entire life story with him and this only hieghtened his attraction to me.. we would have amazing sex...but i had no memory of it ( only he would tell me it was amazing) my bottom hurt almost every day , thats when i realized we were engaging in anal sex ( something I never EVER do) and he loved it. But i remembered nothing. We soon ened that relationship but remained friends. I bought a house and took on a higher position and my oldest child graduated from high school beginning her college years. being stressed at the thought of empty nesting i doubled up on my ambien to go to sleep. I soon noticed my facebook status had crazy updates and i would blog long deep life experiences online .. text message my friends and not remember it.. I still take ambien but i make sure i dont have my facebook open and have my bf now monitor my activities, We have sex and ill remember bits and pieces of it but as long as im controled i do okay... NOW where I thought i had it all worked out and would be able to sleep well and be concerned about hurting myself or anyone I learned how to order things on line or buy off infermercials. I spent over five grand in one night and do not have any recollection of it!! I could have bit the bullet right there.. but now I finally after five years got it under control i do have to take a mg of xanax when i take my ambien.. i never drink when i take any of my meds and I have let all my friends no to call me if they see strange status on my fb so i can delete it!! I cant sleep with out my ambien and my bf is not a big fan of my meds...But i simply need it to keep out the bad dreams and get some rest even if it is induced sleep and not restfull sleep.. stay alert do your research and let the people who love you and you trust know your taking it and how you do on it in case they need to step in to keep you from doing some wierd stuff or spend all your money...

-Submitted April 10, 2011
Like Hiring a yard guy

Well, it was about 1am , I took an ambien. I looked out my back yard and it was raked . Apparently sometime between 2am and 3am i raked my yard. I did a great job too . Good ole ambien. Sometimes I'll take an ambien and stay up the whole night deep-cleaning my house.

-Submitted April 10, 2011
WHat the h is in there to make us act the same way

I relay to most of the experiences repeatedly named here.The sex, the purging, the closet cleaning, the crazy stories writing, the funny posts and calls, the sudden interest in everybody... My main problem comes the day after, when I realize that I finished more than a packet during the night. Yesterday, I took 14 * 10mg, without noticing. If a have more than a packet (7 pills), I'll take it as well. Someone offered me to build a new company, I accepted on Ambien. As I do keep taking Ambien everynight, I basically create the company on Ambien, after my working day. When I have a clear minded moment, I think about that company and wonder if I really want that; but i'm too far in the process now. And it's just so much fun to do so on Ambien!

-Submitted April 12, 2011

I'm prescribed vyvanse for ADHD, and even when I take it early in the morning, I still have trouble sleeping. My doctor gave me some samples of ambien to try out and see if it would help. He warned me to go immediately to bed when I took it.

The first time I took a single 10mg pill, I went straight to bed, but got a phone call. As I talked on the phone I noticed my ceiling start to move. After a minute, the ceiling wasn't just moving, it had come to life. The patterns turned into giant beetle legs and worms squirming around over each other. At this point I start to freak out (still on the phone mind you) and get out of bed until I get a grip and can force myself to go to sleep.

That night was traumatizing and it was a long time before I could work myself up to trying it again. The second night was just as bad. I went straight to bed but couldn't really sleep. I closed my eyes for a minute, but still couldn't sleep. When I opened my eyes, the large tapestry on my wall came to life. It transformed into a giant bat flying around my room. After flying for a minute, the bat noticed me and lunged at my face in an attempt to kill me. When it was just inches away from my face, the tapestry, in the blink of an eye (almost like a cut-action scene from paranormal activity), plastered itself back against the wall. The designs on the tapestry then turned into a dolphin swimming in circles on the tapestry.

That really freaked me out by itself, then once I finally managed to get to sleep that night, I ended up having the most vivid, terrifying dreams of demons and evil.

I've been too scared to try it since.

-Submitted April 14, 2011
Unwelcome guests

I'm on active duty in the United States Navy. I'm in a helocopter squadren where we have two work shifts of 10 hours or more and sometimes these shifts change with a few hours notice. This had been going on for about a month where I would be on day shift for three or for days and then suddenly be switched to nights and so on. Of course this caused terrible sleep problems and decided to ask medical for some help. They prescribed me Ambien and warned me that there can be serious side affects if not taken correctly. Most of the time I get double vision and know that its time to turn off the light but one night was a little different. I had taken 10mg on an empty stomach and layed down to get ready for sleep. I remember looking up optical illusions on my phone and had been scrolling through a page of about sixty illusions ( I only made it to the fourth one) when someone started talking to me sortof trying to get my attention with random facts. Well this other voice began to debate him and basiclly call his bluff and this all degraded into a huge argument in my head with me as the mediator trying to get them to settle down becuase they could be waking up other people in the barracks! I think about 45 min of this went by when suddenly a person was standing in the middle of my room. He looked fimiluar at first but i thought it odd and akward for him to just stare at me. After awhile Itold him outloud that I could see you its kind of wierding me out. I then had a moment of clarity relizing that the person was me dressed in the clothes i had been wearing earlier and that nobody had been in my room or in my head. Just the pills and a 2 hours wasted. This stuff is wierd and sometimes uncontrolable! Use with caution.

-Submitted April 15, 2011

Took an ambien and went to sleep. the next morning my girlfriend wouldnt talk to me. i asked why and she told me that i had called her the night before listing the names of all her friends that i thought were much hotter than her! lol

-Submitted April 18, 2011

I have been taking zolpidem for insomnia for over a year. My psychiatrist prescribed them so that I would be able to get adequate sleep in order to aid in the treatment of my depression.

Prescribed for insomnia, Ambien/zolpidem can be very effective and being in the Hypnotic class can cause amnesia and hallucinations, obviously as you have read on this site. There are rules that go along with taking this medication and you absolutely must abide by them which include but are limited to my personal experiences as listed below.

Do not take this medication until you are in bed. Have a glass of water by the bed, take the pill and lie down! Do not get online and type, or do anything else with your computer. In fact, do not go anywhere near your computer. Do not have your cell phone anywhere nearby. Do not decide to make a quick call before the medicine kicks in. Do not text. Do not pop one, then think you have time to run to the kitchen to grab a snack or brush your teeth. Do not cook. Do not engage in any conversation. Do not keep chocolate anywhere near your bedroom or you may wake to find chocolate all over your mouth and pillow, and a pile of wrappers on the floor. You may be informed in the morning that you held bizarre conversations while roaming around the bedroom aimlessly. Or sat on the edge of the bed staring at nothing for over an hour.

Important: If you can, have someone else hide the bottle of medication as you may awaken in your sleep, think you can't sleep (though you ARE sleeping) and/or forget that you have already taken one or two, and take more.

If you are fortunate, you'll take the prescribed dosage, remain in bed staring at a picture of your children (if you have them) on your nightstand and watch as they start to sway and move independently of each other within the photo, hazily think to yourself, wow, that's wild then drift off into a deep, comatose sleep.

Do not take Ambien in bed unless you are absolutely sure you aren't going to be intimate with your significant other, because chances are, you will not remember it. If you do, it will only be a brief, vague flash. It may not even seem as real as a dream and certainly not much fun if you can't recall what happened. As far as you know, you could have swung from the chandeliers naked which reminds me.... Do NOT stand in front of the bathroom window completely naked while about 4-5 college guys renting a room in the apartment building next to your house are outside looking up and enjoying the view. If you do happen to remember anything at all, you will barely remember your husband turning you around and turning you away from the window. You will be escorted to bed and the next morning, be informed of what had transpired. But is that all that really happened in that window, and for how long? These are the lessons I have learned, Grasshoppa. Heed my warning and learn from me and surely the other brave souls who have contributed their intriguingly interesting, occasionally hilarious and sometimes undoubtedly dangerous experiences.

Yes, I am the woman who stood in the window. The guys did move out, thank goodness and as far as I know, the new tenants haven't witnessed anything as exciting and surely as memorable as that incident. Note: as far as I know.

It's time for bed. Be grateful that I chose to contribute to this site prior to taking my Ambien.

Good luck!

-Submitted April 24, 2011
phone conversation

I have been prescribed Ambien , and have been taking it for about a year, the only one time I realized something may be going on after I take it, is one night my brother called me to chat, I had taken the Ambien and went and took a bath, when he called I was in the tub... I had my husband tell him I would call him back...thats the last thing I remember about the night. The next day I called my brother and said I was sorry I hadnt called him back the night before,,, and it was really quiet on the other end... He said, you DID call me back and we had a 40 minute conversation. I have no recollection of anything after my bath...I wonder if this is just the tip of the ice burg, and there are other things I do and no one realizes I am asleep...

-Submitted May 4, 2011
Ambien Sex-Wow

So my boyfriend takes ambien for his insomnia. I had never experienced anything like it. Most of the time he just passed out. On one particular occasion he took it but then we stayed up talking in bed. All of a sudden he turned into this animated sex fiend. He is usually pretty reserved. All of a sudden he was very sexually aggressive and talked about what he wanted to do to me. Even though I was somewhat startled, have to admit seeing this side of him was a major turn on. If it had been someone I hadn't trusted or been with for years, I must admit it would have been frightening. He also started saying crazy things. We had the most crazy sex we've ever had. It was passionate and fun! But it was also like I was having sex with someone I didn't know. When I told him about it the next day and how fun it was, he literally had no idea what happened. He was clueless. We always laugh about it. He's done that on a couple occassions. Both times it was a lot of fun for me. He's also sent me texts and emails while on ambien and they are so bizarre I can always tell. Anyhow, I think it's a pretty wild thing this Ambien.

-Submitted May 16, 2011
housekeeping motivator

I have three small children who use a lot of my energy throughtout the day, and somedays when I have taken this and not gone straight to bed, have ended up catching up completely on my laundry, dishes, mealplanning, vaccuuming, dusting, scrubbing, and organizing, and lawn mowing. I love that aspect of it, because I have no recollection of it and i still feel rested the next morning (I suppose sleepwalking/cleaning still causes good rest), though one day I did trim my hair, giving myself bangs for the first time in a decade) and go strawberry blonde (natural brunette). Thankfully, my husband loved the new look, but I was surprised by it the next morning. It is very unpredictable and should never be mixed with alcohol I have found out. Causes dangerous depressive moodswings sometimes, and I was recently, trying to get my friends to feel my husbands third testicle (he was not happy about that) when I mixed ambien with champagne. I had cramps one day and tried to get him to cut out my ovaries with a paula dean paring knife. That was a small alcoholic drink mixed with ambien. Use carefully and no drinking on it!

-Submitted May 25, 2011
Weird ambien pee experience

Ok so I can't find anything like this but I am sure I am not the only one who has done something this strange while on Ambien. The other morning I went to throw some clean clothes in the dryer to get wrinkles out of for work and opened the dryer (front opener) to a horrible urine smell and a puddle of pee. My boyfriend was out of town and took our dog with him so there is no other explanationm (besides aliens peeing in my dryer) other than I sleep walked to the dryer, opened it up and somehow sat halfway in it and urinated (I am female by the way). I am having a hard time getting the smell out of the dryer and am completely dumbfounded by what happened!!!

-Submitted May 29, 2011
Mower revenge

I was taking Ambien and was on a rotating shift at work. My neighbor decided to mow around noon. I called her voicemail and left a not so nice recording that was threatening. My neighbor is a very sweet, grandmother who would not hurt a fly. I felt terrible and was very embarrassed. To this day she barely will look my way.

-Submitted June 1, 2011
too much HONESTY FOOD and PEE in bed.

I have been taking Ambien for about 4 years, every night. I never thought it would go on that long. I have many odds stories. Initially they were almost amusing. Waking up in the morning, and seeing food containers on the counter, I had no recollection consuming. I even passed out during sex.

It started to change about 2 years in. My girlfriend would tell me how much my demeanor would change as the drug came on. Almost a bit angry. I feel asleep bathtubs on several occasions. About a week ago, she told me I was saying nonsensical things. However, when she recanted them, I recognized them as pieces of how I was feeling about our relationship. Things I wasn't quite ready to reveal. Scary.

Tonight though, I think I hit rock bottom. I woke up and felt a cold spot in the far corner of my king size bed. I thought it was just that. However, it was REALLY cold... and damp. My best guess is I woke up, and thought I made it to the bathroom, and never made it out of my bedroom. I got out of bed and began looking for sites on how to clean urine from mattresses. I think it's finally time to quit it.

I have unresolved chronic pain and ambien was the first drug that allowed me to put together several hours of uninterrupted sleep. I think the time has come to ween myself off.

-Submitted June 14, 2011

The first time I took Ambien I laid down and went to sleep without any problems. Very uneventful.

The second time I took it luckily my mom and sister were here because I decided to stay up until I felt sleepy. I was on the computer and then all of a sudden the letters started popping out of the computer monitor. My sister who was on the couch opposite me said I was staring at the computer with my mouth open drooling for like three minutes without blinking. lol

She said I then looked up at her and waved while saying, Hey Emily, then I nodded my head back against the sofa. She ran upstairs to get my mom because she was so scared and while she was up there all of these people showed up in our living room and dining room. They were talking and I just sat there looking at everybody. I wasn't scared or anything I was just curious as to how they got in the house and how there could be so many people in such a small space hehe.

My mom and sister came downstairs to take me up to my room I tripped a couple of times up the steps (couldn't walk straight to save my life) and I remember a man helping me up the last few steps. When I got in bed I was thinking who in the world was that man helping me up the stairs? lol

I only took Ambien because I suffer from TMD and will only take it again if I'm in severe pain and if I am able to lay down immediately afterwards.

-Submitted June 14, 2011
Its just ridiculous

I find it to be so wrong this drug is even legal...look above my story and everyone has their own experience as to how they had sex without knowing it, or doing all sorts of craziness. Thats some intense stuff. My stories much different though. I started having problems with insomnia early into my teens, and when I was 15 I took ambien for the first time. It worked great for a little while. Even though I didnt have a perscription for it at that time, a family member let me use it temporarily to see if it worked. I thought the drug was great back then. That same family member still takes it, still acts wierd and embarressing withough remembering a thing. I tried it only a few times when I was that young, then got my own perscription for it when I was 19. At that time in my life I was becoming a little depressed from a few things in my life that just werent going right. Ive only had one or two times where I didnt remember something that I did while on it. If I would have had more forgotten times like alot of you mentioned I wouldnt have ever taken it again. Long story short, I had an addiction problem with the stuff. I slowly made my bedtime earlier, then increased the amount I was taking. (obviously Im very smart) Then one day I thought to myself what the hell, why not take it in the daytime? so thats where it got crazy! In two weeks time I had taken what we calculated to be 107 of them in two weeks time. I would take 4 in the morning, and then 4 more when the first 4 worn off. (repeat next day) I would do everything I normally would, and I would never seem weird to the people I was around, because my tolerance was up there at that point. It really controlled me for a bit, and scares me to think how many more people this drug is messing up. -Before all that I never really had a drug addiction, ambien for some reason just brought it out in me. If I could make it happen, I would end the career of that horrible drug. Reading all the stories above alot have alot hallucinations and amnesia in common, so you may as well just go out and get some LSD and GHB while your at it. Please DONT take it people. Its not good, it makes you look very foolish to those around you.

-Submitted June 21, 2011
Ambien and Passing Out

I took an Ambien on a really long plane ride to get some sleep (never took one before). I did sleep but woke up feeling strange and then sick to my stomach. I staggered to the restroom but passed out while waiting for a restroom to open up. Never again!

-Submitted July 19, 2011

This is gonna be a long post. I have chronic insomnia. I'm 18, and I've been taking ambien on occasion since I was 15. I take 12.5mg... if I'm desperate, I take about 20mg. I take it once or twice a week, only when absolutely necessary. Alright guys, time for some funny stories.

The first time I took it, I thought there were miniature zebras and tigers in my bed. I crawled around under my covers, thinking I was exploring Africa.

I've painted my nails, written essays, and meticulously cleaned my room... I usually don't remember any of it the next day. When I do remember, it always comes to me hours later through flashbacks.

I've woken up with my vibrator on the floor, and weird porn on my laptop. I remember nothing, but I guess I had fun that night.

One time, I woke up with a pile of ashes on my desk... Apparently I decided to burn something.

I've called people, texted people, and posted rather personal things on facebook.

I've written pages and pages in my journal. My writing is barely legible. My entries are usually about the walls melting, my pillow trying to eat me, and other weird hallucinations.

Once, my sister had to stop me from making pancakes in the nude. I don't remember any of it.

One time, I called my friend crying because I thought my ceiling fan was the face of Satan.

My worst experience was when I accidentally overdosed. I took one pill, and tried to sleep. The ambien kicked in, and I was still awake. I don't know what was going through my mind, but I decided to take two more pills. (I don't remember taking more pills. I found out the next morning when I counted them.) I thought there were train tracks in my room, and an Indian lady in my bed. There were trees sprouting from my ceiling, and I heard men talking. I looked at my hand, and my fingers were deformed. And then Avatar Aang was sitting on my bed, trying to calm me down. I felt like crap the next morning.

I continue to take it, but only out of desperation. My advice is: Be extremely careful. Hide your car keys, phone, sharp objects, lighters, and ALL PILLS. If possible, have someone you trust with you.

-Submitted July 28, 2011

My moments of Ambien insanity, absolute pure, straight up craziness. Although I have chosen to only include the humorous side of my experience (AKA TRIPS) There are also horrifying moments of discovering incomprehensible completely off the wall text messages that have damaged relationships. I am not condoning the use and have since thrown my prescription out for good!

*I disappeared into my bathroom for about 45 minutes when I finally came out, I immediately walked into my living room where I proceeded to announce to my Mom and kids that I had plucked out my eyelashes I woke up the next morning with pencil thin uneven EYEBROWS!

*Looking at a doll sitting upon my hard drive I said out loud Is that my Son Kyle? No..... that's just the switch on my time machine

*I sat down in front of my computer and announced that This is my seat for the evening I don't care if that tall guy stands up, I don't care what all of those people are doing this is my seat! I'm not giving it up (while closing my eyes)

*Upon seeing light streaming through my bedroom window I was terrified and kept asking my Daughter What IS that and do you SEE that? as I pointed to the area where the light was shining in. Its the abominable snowman! Look hes right there! It's the fucking abominable snowman! I'm getting out of here! My Daughter~ Mom shut up and go to sleep

*I got up in the middle of the night because I was craving ice cream. I sat on the couch and proceeded to eat an entire carton of Breyers (with one finger and my eyes closed)

*I was sleeping in the same room as my kids I pointed to the doorway and shouted Look at the ghost! Omg... It's real! it's a little girl ghost too Scared, My Son covered his head with the blanket I got up left the room when I returned I was holding a lit candle while singing Kumbaya at the top of my lungs...

*I filled a bowl with macaroni salad then proceeded to pour tons of Mayo, mustard, ketchup and cheese all over it until it was watery like soup. I then heated it up in the microwave and ate it with a knife!

I was under the impression that this was my miracle sleeping aid little did I know that I was experiencing extreme hallucinations and random acts of stand up comedy while sleep walking. Please use with caution..

-Submitted August 9, 2011
Whoopie Pies and other stuff

I've been on Ambien for chronic insomnia for over a year and had no problems with it until recently. The first problem was when I called my son during the night just to ask him if I had called him. A couple of weeks later I got out of bed and went to the freezer and got out 3 whoopie pies, giving one to my brother, one to my son, and ate the other one. Then I went back to bed. The next day I went to the get the whoopie pies out of the freezer and was surprized that they were gone! Another night I decided to rearrange my bedroom while on Ambien, and moved a 6 1/2 foot tall bookcase across the room and arranged all the books alphabetically by author. I am a 62 year old woman and have doubts that I could move the bookcase awake! Then I woke up one morning to discover I had given myself a trim in an area I don't usually trim. Another night I cut my hair. The list goes on. I would love to get off Ambien, but if I don't take it I don't sleep and can't function the next day.

-Submitted August 10, 2011

I have taken ambien 5mg for months and since I would awaken to not be able to get back to sleep my dr. upped the dosage to 10mg. While taken 10mg I have waken up much more and instead of seeming dazed as my husband recalls before on the 5mg he said I was full alert and holding full conversations. I had make up sex with him after an argument and cant recall even making up. I have made food, texted friends, posted on facebook and even cared for the kids as a normal everyday thing I do. I thought I was in bed sleeping the entire time. This continued the conversations the sex the eating and finally after 2 months my husband started feeling like it was a 1 way street him having what should be moments for us both and no knowledge on my part. I became angry we had sex but I wasnt remembering so I felt it wasnt satisfying on my part so we would find a way so I caould remember but it became more agitating that now there was no night sex in bed. He started getting angry and 1 thing led to another. We were constantly fighting. Then one night I sent a mesage to someone how i had a crush ans wanted to know if that would of went anywhere. He knew I took ambien nightly and one night said he showed up here and I ended up havig sex with him in the bathroom. I told him my husband wouldnt mind and that I loved him and all would work out in the end. I dont remember anything as for months with my husband. Now my husband and I are angry disconnected even put kids through a break up and I dont know if it or didnt happen as stated. That person became possessive which makes me think they thought I was me or maybe they took advantage or maybe made all this up. I dont know and dont know if I want to. I just know it has wrecked my family. Ambien should be marked with better warnings and smaller mg along with only a short usage period cause the withdrawl is a nightmare of shakes sweats chills no sleep hallucinations and need to fina a way to just have 1 more. Bad drug.

-Submitted August 11, 2011
Craigslist Emailing

About three hours after taking 10mg of Ambien, I ended up emailing someone on Craigslist looking for sex. Luckily, I had the sense enough to make a fake email account. The next morning I woke up and I remembered what I had done, but I thought it was a dream. I then saw the history on my computer and it hit me that it wasn't a dream, I had actually done it! Needless to say, I was a little embarrassed.

-Submitted August 12, 2011
Crazy Ambien---Sex

I was on Ambien 10mg for quite some time, for a while I thought it was the answer to my prayers. I was sleeping so good and waking up feeling great in the mornings. I could not believe all the stories that people were trying to tell me. Then it happened, I went to bed one night with my pajamas on and woke up the nex moring with no clothes on at all!!! Confused I asked my husband why was I undressed and his response was why do you think you are undressed? Don't you remember last night? And I said. No, what happened last night...He said we had sex last night. I was really upset, not at the fact that i had sex with my husband of 14 years but the fact that I could not remember having sex with my husband....I stopped taking the medication that day and called the dr. And now take other medication. I may not sleep as well with this medication, but at least I know who I am and what I am doing. I could not live like that....what if I would have done something more serious??? This is a BAD DRUG and should be removed from the market!!!

-Submitted August 14, 2011
I did WHAT last night

I've been taking Ambien nightly for 4 months and about once a week I wake up with cuts and bruises (usually on my arms). I know that I cut myself a few times with the scalpel I had laying on my night stand (not normal behavior for me, but when I saw the cuts the next morning I vaguely remembered doing it the night before while I waited for the medicine to kick in). I've also broken a rib in my sleep but I don't know how that happened. And I have to check my phone in the morning to see who I texted the previous night and what I said. I've had several full length conversations (my friends are very patient) that made little sense when they were reread. Ambien is crazy! But it's worth the trouble if you hide your phone and sharp objects. Often it seems like the things that happen immediately after you take the pill--until you fall asleep--are from a dream, but you are in fact doing them.

-Submitted August 15, 2011

DriVING OMG!! AND MORE!!! I woke up one morning to find my nightgown in the sink, I asked my boyfriend why it was there? He looking angry, said you don't remember?? I said what the hell you talking about? He said, I came out of the bedroom demanded an ice cream cone, went in his wallet and proceeded to checkers. I have no, absolutely no memory of the entire night. I remember going to sleep and waking up in the morning fresh as a daisy. I do not remember driving anywhere...I was also on the front lawn with just underwear on at midnight and laid in the grass after screaming at my boyfriend, needless to say he left me there and I then came in a short time after. I got in my car the next day to have parts of my wallet all over the floor. This was once instance. Another time I drove on to someones lawn, over those damn concrete triangle thingies, hit a garbarge can and made it home with a shredded tire. My boyfriends ex-wife pulled up and jumped out asking if I was o.k. Apparently her daughter seen me from a school bus and got scared and called her mommy. How embarrassing, I have no idea what I said, but left it up to my boyfriend to handle. I think that same day, I hit a parked truck in my very own street that was on the side of the road (he shouldn't have been there anyways) I remember a woman saying, hey thats my brothers truck and he came out and said don't worry about it, it's an old truck lol....good thing, how would I have explained that one?? Also, I unfortunately have hit other vehicles I am told, minor of course but still, this stuff is scary. Also that night I had a chocolate icecream (why chocolate, I don't know-I hate chocolate) my man told me I zoomed down the street and passed our house, almost hit a car, they had to move, backed up and almost hit the support beam for our carport. I asked him the next day why my car was backed in. It seems funny now, but I couldn't live with myself if I hurt anyone because of taking too many of these, which I have. Recently, I must have changed my bottle and replaced it with my diabetes medicine on my dresser, so needless to say when I woke up at 3 am and wondering why my ambien wasn't working, I took more, apparently my sugar dropped so slow I woke up sweating to death. I accused my man of changing or taking my bottle. He found an empty excedrin bottle behind my dresser with a few pills in it. Where the rest went I have no idea? I assume if I took them all I would be dead. I still take them, but as directed and my keys get hidden and so does the bottle..Please be careful if you take this medicine.

-Submitted August 19, 2011
Ambien is no joke

Ambien literally makes me feel like a different person. I work rotating shifts and was having trouble with constantly changing my sleep schedule. When my doctor prescribed Ambien, I initially only took is 1-2x a week and didn't think much of it, I just fell asleep. However, I soon discovered that staying awake with the Ambien on board gave me a wonderful feeling of euphoria. It put me in the best mood ever and it made me want to clean, reconnect with friends, plan new life goals, feel very unusually sensual etc. I even completed grad school applications while taking it. I certainly sent some bizarre, brazen text messages and posted some weird stuff on facebook. I had a subscription around the time I started it, and would wink/e-mail like crazy. I'm usually a fairly shy, reserved person.

It is such a strange drug because it is sedating yet energizing. I think the fact that I was battling depression exacerbated my Ambien use, as I would find myself looking forward to coming home at night and taking it because it was the best feeling I would have all day. Of course, I started needing to take more than the recommended dose to feel the same effects.

The lowest point was when I started taking partial doses during the day because it seemed to stablize my mood and made me feel more social. I took a half a pill before attending a friend's wedding where I knew I'd see a lot of old friends from college. I felt like I was making such interesting conversation and I was truly enjoying myself, but soon after the combining that with the open bar, things went south. I woke up in my bed at home still in my dress and shoes. Apparently I had talked to my boyfriend and mother that night, saying some very strange things...and a few of my friends e-mailed me the next week asking if I was OK, that I seemed depressed, not myself. I was so embarassed and to this day I won't let anyone tell me exactly what I did or said because I don't even want to know the details. I am lucky I didn't permanantly ruin a friendship over that.

Anyways, I am trying to stop it all together and just work through the insomnia. It's tough, as it is truly a miracle drug when it comes to sleeping. No hangover effect like other meds I have tried. Yet, I do not want to be a drug addict and I can honestly say I have become addicted to that is just a matter of time before I do irreperable damage if I continue to take it. I think it is a pretty dangerous medication.

-Submitted August 23, 2011
Re amnesia

It's not like our life is peachy as pie as of yet. But, with all the 'experiences' in my life I feel thankful for having the open mind I have. Not as open as some yet open enough to realise that your 'friend' is the one to blame. She did some digging on the Internet after she stopped taking ambien. Found her 'friend's' adult friend finder account and was horrified to find out he was in TVs, TSs, gay and bi men. Hes into crossdressing and bondage, etc. So it brings me to the conclusion that dice he's a complete freak and hiding in his closet 'not for long (said with a sinister grim and evil laughter trailing behind)'. That he knew what would happen if he came over an hour before I got home from my second sift job. She would be complacent and submissive and he could well you get the idea. For days after she told me he denied it and threatened both of us with empty cowardice threats. And finally when he knew he would never take the drug again and he 'lost' his chance to twist her around and steal her from me. He then proceeded to text me ,after I texted him I'd have him arrested for trespassing of he ever set foot on my property again, some details and asked me how his 'swimmers' taste. Then txtd contact me again and I'll have you arrested for harassment. I refrained knowing his immature texting was an acknowledgement of my warning for trespassing giving me evidence for the authorities to proceed with arresting him right out. He later learned we had found out his dirty little secrets because he couldn't recall his password for his fruity fun site. Called us with more empty threats. I then proceeded to inform him that night his 15 minutes of sexual assault was null and void of swimmers because she had ambien sex with me right after for about 3-4 hours, and about 6 climaxes later when she used my face like a simian machine. There was no way any trace of him was left for 'sampling' if I had known that night I would have made her go to the ER for a rape kit. And had him arrested the next day. He did basically admit to sexual contact with he'd days later. So if she feels like pressing charges I'm right behind her every step of the way. Think this story is bizarre? If I told you all who he was to us before this happened the you'd really be scratching yours heads mumbling WTF. Finally the best/worst part about all this is he thinks he's done nothing wrong to her. He thought she changed his password and he had the audacity to ask her wtf did I do you. Wifey I love you and I know you did these things because of this horrible drug so you need to stop making apologies to me it messes with me and I lose focus on what's really goin on here. The only perso that needs to feel remorse is him. Hes just lucky we have two beautiful children together because I would've ended him is not for that.

-Submitted September 7, 2011

I as well take this drug to fall asleep, and just notice this morning I did laundry. In the morning when I woke up I told my husband Thank You! and he asked For what? I told him for putting everything away. He laughed and said that was all you... I'm still surprised about this cause I don't even remember this cause of this drug I'm even surprised I didn't fall of the

-Submitted September 26, 2011
The People In The Room

I am so glad to have found this site.

I thought I was the only one in the world who senses the presence of other beings in the room after trying to stay up after taking an Ambien.

I don't actually see anyone, but I do feel a presence, either behind or beside me. They don't speak to me and I don't speak to them. They aren't scary - if anything, they actually feel like they're there to protect me. This also occurs at about the same time that my decorative bed pillows, which I put on the floor at bedtime, appear to start breathing and undulating. Normally, this would totally freak me out, but I know it's an effect of the Ambien and that it actually means, Lights out NOW, lady! A previous poster makes a good point, though - are we seeing/sensing people who aren't there or are they always there and the Ambien has just removed our normal filters? This does not happen at all if I take it and then just lie down and wait for it to work.

A few rules I've set for myself after a couple of unfortunate accidents:

1. Always get a snack, use the restroom, check the door locks, turn off lights, set alarms, shut down computer and put it away BEFORE taking the Ambien.

2. Absolutely no electronic gadgets of any kind after pill is taken. If I still feel the need to occupy myself until the Ambien kicks in, I'm allowed my t.v. remote and/or a paper book ONLY. The worst that can happen is that I'll drop the book and the light will be on all night.

3. Under no circumstances is any food or liquid allowed in the bed after taking the pill except the bottle of water I use to wash it down. And I have to drink that quickly as I've woken up wearing it more times than I like to remember.

One thing I have noticed is that in my case, adrenaline does have the ability to trump the effects of Ambien if something out of the ordinary happens. Case in point:

I took an Ambien at 3:00 a.m. at a friend's house. Everyone else was asleep. As I was washing it down, the most enormous black spider I've ever seen just showed up in her kitchen. With or without Ambien, I HATE spiders. I knew several things: 1. I could not go to sleep and just let this beast roam the house freely, as it would most likely end up in bed with someone, probably me. 2. I had about 4.8 minutes left before the house started to breathe and undulate, at which point I would be hurled to the floor next to said spider and be completely at its mercy. 3. It was too big to smash; it would make a mess. 4. I didn't know where their bug spray was.

I tore her house apart looking for something to dispose of it with. My 4.8 minutes of lucidity came and went as the spider circled her dining room table and started advancing on me. Finally, I gathered up an armload of magazines and started throwing them at it one by one until one of them finally landed on top of it. But I could still hear it scratching underneath trying to get out. So I threw another large book on top of it. Crisis averted, but that was all I could handle. So I left it there and wrote a note for friend's husband to please take care of it in the morning. Drew several large arrows on a few more pieces of paper and lined them up across the floor with the last one pointing at the black hairy legs protruding from underneath the People magazine and a biography of JFK.

I went to bed, but I did NOT sleep. I laid there all night staring at the ceiling for fear that I hadn't completely done the job and the damn thing was now just really pissed off and coming to get me as soon as I dozed off. I remember thinking that maybe the spider was actually an Ambien hallucination - but if so, it was a lot more real than some vague, shadowy presence. And I remembered it all perfectly the next morning when I asked my friend's husband about it. He confirmed that it was, indeed, there and that it was indeed a big one.

Good to know that there are some circumstance under which the effects of this drug can be minimized or in some cases, over-ridden completely.

Moral of the story:

-Submitted October 1, 2011
A Near Death Ambien Experience.

My mother, who is 86 years old, had been taking Ambien for about a year, by a doctor's prescription, for insomnia. I must say that this drug is very dangerous. My mother is 5Foot 1, and about 130 pounds, amazingly she disarayed every piece of furniture around her bedroom during an Ambien episode, then tore down the curtains to a bank of four windows, opened the last one, stepped or crawled out onto a trelis with about three feet of clearence and fell about 10 feet onto an upright propane tank, If she had missed the trelis and crawled sraight out, she would have certainly suffered a fatal fall. As it is she has fractured three lumbar vertebrae. I'm glad I'm a light sleeper, she was crying out for about 20 minutes at 2 in the morning, WITHOUT REMEMBERING ANYTHING ABOUT WHERE OR WHY SHE WAS OUTSIDE. This is a rural area, if I'd not dicided to stay over that evening, I wonder what the outcome would be a no one would have heard her. MY MOTHER HAS NEVER BEEN KNOWN TO SLEEPWALK, throughout her entire life, until today. I do not have tdrouble sleeping, but for those who do; beware of Ambien! This drug should be outlawed!

-Submitted October 5, 2011
It's so Worth It

I've been taking Ambien daily for about 6 months. I take it as prescribed. I still have crazy stories but the benefits are so worth it. I get really depressed and sick when I've gone a few days without sleeping and since I've been taking the Ambien I've felt great. I've had sex numerous times with my fiancee without remembering all of the details. It doesn't bother me! I think it's great! I'm tired and feel rested the next morning and had a good night. I tell him all kinds of crazy stuff I wouldn't normally tell him but we just laugh about it. The only terrible thing is that ONE TIME I had a dream that someone was trying to kill me and that dream turned into a hallucination. I recognized that it was a hallucination so just woke my fiancee up to help me get through it. I take it only when Im at home, when I have NOT been drinking, don't have people over, and plan on going right to bed. I never drive or anything like that on it and it has been great for me. As long as you take it as prescribed and use some common sense, it works great for most people. Obviously, with any drug, it's not going to be good for some people.

-Submitted October 6, 2011

I have several Ambien stories, but I will only share three. Well, three and a half, since I can't remember the other half of the story.

1. I took my ambien (the usual 10 mg) before bedtime, which is in the morning, after work. Now I can't find my vibrator. It has vanished. Seriously. I am mortified that my little nephew might find it somewher while visiting or it will turn up at my neighbors' house. And it's not a tiny little thing. It's a respectable size.. Umm.. personal massager as Amazon advertised it.

The second story. Or whatever it is. This is what I found on my computer when I turned it on.

Decided to take some ambien for sleep to see how it works. Initially on empty stomach i took one 10mg tab a half of one. it started getting interesting, but mellowed out in a very short time. started out with the nice buzz, but quickly dissipated. I was left borderline sober. The whole point of this project was to hallucinate, talk with some smart people, see preety things. Sadly, that did not happen. So i'm going to try again. the only reason this might not work is that my stomach is full of indian food and nutella. i don't think those are working particularly helpful when taking ambienl now i am sitting by the computer screen and try to make sense of it all;/

overall, this is quite disappointing. I doubt that doing moore thatn i'd already done going t increase my reacton orput the keebler elves on my knees;

Maybe i will give this another try.

The third story happened approximately a month ago. As usual, I got home from work, showered, got my food ready and only then took Ambien, so that I could take it, quickly eat and go to bed. By quickly eat I mean quickl as in 5 min or less, since Ambien usually starts working for me in approximately 10 minutes.

The next thing I remember was trying to drive in my lane while swirving all over the place. Then I remember stopping at a red light and some other driver pounding on my window and asking if I was drunk. He seemed very upset. I just waved him off and drove on. Then I remember signing up for Blockbuster something. At Blockbuster. I actually rented a movie and now apparently can exchange it for any other movie in the store as many times as I want to. What a deal! But I digress. I do not remember driving home.

When I woke up and tried to process all of that, I was terrified. I am amazed nothing truly awful happened, only by the grace of God I am alive, did not kill anyone else, and do not have a DUI on my record. This is NOT a medication to be taken lightly. I have been on it for at least a year now. It just kicked my butt. Please evaluate risk vs benefit with any med, especially Ambien.

-Submitted October 9, 2011
Ambien No More

I've suffered with chronic insomnia since childhood, as well as chronic pain in recent years. A month ago my doctor prescribed Ambien and it worked great! However, this past week I noticed some strange happenings. Figured it's just middle aged, menopausal events But last night took the cake, literally I woke to find I had baked a chocolate cake! And found that I had looked up the recipe on my cellphone browser. My hand to God, I have NO MEMORY of any of this. Then,I came to work and was met by quizzical faces. My boss said she had called me last night, asking that I bring my laptop in for a meeting today. I swear I thought every one was playing a prank on me! So, here I am at work carrying a chocolate cake, that I don't remember making, instead of my laptop that I was told to bring in, during a phone conversation that I have no memory of! If this wasn't so frightening, I'm sure it would be funny. Thank God I don't have a car/ drive because I am sure at some point a tragedy would occur. As of now, I'M SCARED STRAIGHT, NO MOE

-Submitted October 12, 2011
first time taking ambien

when i was in junior high, my mom gave me an ambien. It did put me to sleep, later on my mom woke me up for some reason and when she woke me up .... I started laughing so hard (crying laughing), then i looked at her, and her skin was fading green and yellow. I then looked around my room (no bullsiht) all my posters were flying around the room really fast. Then i looked up at my ceiling fan and on top of it was the blue wizard from mario's bowsers castle, he then looked down on me and waived. after all that i fell asleep. That was the most craziest trip ive had on ambien. this is no exaggeration i promise.

-Submitted October 12, 2011
20 Years Married

I have been taking Zolpidem for over a week now. I have woken my husband 3 times so far and have had anal sex. I don't remember doing it, and have never done it while awake in 20 years of marrige. I didn't believe that I asked for it, and I got very mad at him for taking advantage. Last night I agreed to let him set up the video camera to prove it. Sure enough, I awoke and begged him to do it to me again while over the pillows. Be careful while taking this drug. I am glad I was never anywhere else but home while taking it. No telling with who I would be having sex with. But I feel very refreshed in the morning. So for now I guess my husband will reap the rewards so i can get a good nights sleep. Needless to say he is very happy.

-Submitted November 13, 2011
90 mph into a building while sleeping

my sister has been an ambien addict for around 6 yrs now. she's lost her car, home, jobs and family. most recently she decided to take 2 ambien at 4 in the afternoon. she says that's the last thing she remembers. the first thing she can remember after that is 24 hrs later being told, it's ok, you've been helicoptered to hershey medical. you have 2 broken legs (one beyond repair) and have 7 missing teeth, you have a broken wrist and contusions all over your body. you were traveling approx. 90mph when you struck a building in the middle of the day, no one else (thank god) was injured. her life is forever changed. pharm. companies know what this drug does. they don't care. they just want you addicted and giving them the money. i'm afraid if she ever does it again, she won't make it. we should be able to take legal action.

-Submitted November 18, 2011
husband having bad time with zolpidem-ambien

I have been taking ambien for at least 10 years. I had a cooking episode which totally knocked my husband for a loop. He was furious and negative and spoke about it in such a negative way, I always became totally embarrassed by his reaction to how disgusting I looked. I was so dependent on the pill. I needed that peace I felt as I fell asleep. Unfortunately, I did gain weight. Not obese, 20 pounds more than i should carry. I gained because I ate after I took pill. No control. My husband was so difficult, so taunting......has anyone ever dealt with this problem husbandwithout giving up pill. Please share. I need help.

-Submitted November 18, 2011
Husband mad I am glad

My husband does not believe my ambien and zolpidem stories. I have gained 20 pounds. He thinks I look gross. He is really mad at me and my insomnia problem. No compassion or ability to handle my problem. Thinks I am crazy, lying and is disgusted. I can handle this but does anyone share this problem with me. How does one handle an inadequate partner. Divorce......looking for kinder advice. thank you. I love being able to sleep.

-Submitted November 19, 2011

Ambien has heightened my appetite to the point of gaining weight and losing control. This happens if I take pill before getting into bed. I knew it was the pill, but did not wish to give up the sleep. I have gained weight. At least 20 pounds. Is there a sleeping pill that will not induce eating, just sleeping. No one believes me. Help.

-Submitted November 22, 2011
I heart Ambien

One night I took an Ambien and lay down to sleep but was awake for hours in a weird drunken state. In the morning I checked my text messages. Apparantly around five in the morning I sent around a series of text messages insisting that my friends take me out canoeing immediately and if they did I would give them all a million dollars. Wtf

-Submitted November 23, 2011

I take zolpidem now for 1 week. I did not do anything wierd i dont remember nor did i do any sexual stuff..

I take the 10 mg of zolpidem and after about 30 mins i fall asleep. exactly as its meant to since i have trouble falling asleep.

-Submitted November 24, 2011
Ambien has turned me in to a surgeon

I began using ambien to sleep after a series of auto accidents that had brought on neck pain and inhibited my sleep. It really does put me to sleep quickly, but I don't always stay put under the blankets and on my pillow. So, a few times, strange things have happened. Sex with the ex-husband was one of the good reasons why I should have gone RIGHT to SLEEP after taking it! It is weird not to remember what happened. Felt like it was a date rape drug. But, the worse thing i did on ambien was to perform surgery on myself. Not a good idea! There just happened to be a razor blade on my nightstand and I grabbed it right up and wondered what I should do with it. I decided to cut off a mole that was bugging me. I remember starting to cut it off and not feeling much pain, then it started bleeding so much that I could not tell if I was cutting the right area or not. I gave up on that one and went to another one. I cut it off very esaily. I was pretty bloody by then. I think I cut off about six or more moles in all. Why it didn't hurt, I don't know. I woke up to a pool of blood in my bed and bandages all over me. Took a couple of days for one to stop bleeding. I removed the razor blade by the way. I would hate to get that idea in my ambisurgeon state of mind again! My friend ask if I was goning to send the moles off to the lab to be tested. At a place called Moles are Us down in my basement.

-Submitted December 1, 2011

My husband is been taking Zolpidem for about a month and yesterday he told me when he went to the restromm he was paralyzed and unable to talk ....but the same day he took the fan and throw it to the wall because acording to him I was lawghing because he did not remember where he left his keys ...I was scarred ! And now after reading all this I will call his doctor tomorrow first thing in the morning ! Can he turn into somebody that can hurt me ? Should I tell my children ( We live by ourselves , kids sre all married ) . HELP !He is 70 years old .......

-Submitted December 1, 2011
Lord Kayle Re I see Dead People's post Feb 4 2011

Oh no you're not crazy man! But your post hear now, after having just read many, all those before yours, just FREAKED ME THE FUCK OUT!~ Because that's too similar to some of my own expieriences which I've been trying to figure out and understand! OH MY GOD! One of which just happened to me tonight, am having a hard-time correlating why mine is similar to yours though, right now at the moment. So perhaps I will get back to this later as - this last experience just happened with me tonight just a little while ago too. And so that's what brought me here to do this search on this stuff and how I ended up here. I've got some more postulations to think about more too, but I'll be back. For now I will say I believe from my own expericences (and now further more after seeing yours here too) that Ambien has the potential to put us in contact with other dimensional beings / entities.


-Submitted December 3, 2011

Have been having it here to use but rarely do as I like to have a couple drinks and refuse to mix the two. However, some health scares have made me depend on Ambien most nights now. I'll eat early, take it about 30 minutes before I want to go to bed, and as soon as feel it kick it - straight to bed.

I experience things like most. The walls and sheets seem to appear a different texture. After sleeping a bit, I'll still wake up and usually feel someone in the room with me - or hear odd things like something's on the floor, etc. But the great think is, I'm such a light sleeper to begin with, I can half wakeup and realize exactly what's going on and am not scared the least! Live alone so I know there's no one else here, just some visitors to play the Ambien freak game!!

-Submitted December 5, 2011
Ambien Pro

I started taking Ambien my sophomore year of college. Now almost done with college, i have seen and done it all. Most stories above i have done, can relate too, or top. The hallucinations of other people in the room, driving to the grocery store and by (3) 1 gallon tubs of mint chocolate chip ice cream, mumbling phone calls to friends, crazy worded texts, and even sending my ex-girlfriend a youtube video of here comes santa clause over facebook and telling her it reminded me of her. It got to the point that my three other roommates would video tape me on their cell phones and show me that i really have used a jump rope in the kitchen and i have played x-box on a tv that was not even on. I love reading all the stories that everyone posts. The two things i have a problem with are 1. ambien sex. For girls on ambien, im sure you can take it, start to black out and mumble to your boyfriend you're horny and he takes you to pound town when you are passed out, but since you were blacked out and your boyfriend doesn't want to sound like a total douche for raping you, he explains an elaborate story of how you were amazing in bed. For guys on the other hand, we take it, begin to black out, and it's game over. I HIGHLY doubt any guy out there has been aware enough to keep it up long enough to bang. I've tried, and failed. Guys on ambien claiming to be amazing in bed = complete myth. 2. I hate when people have just ONE bad experience on ambien and then they go on a rampage about how evil ambien is and how it should be removed from the market a.s.a.p. Just because you're an idiot and can't handle your shit when you're on ambien doesn't mean you have to ruin the good times for everyone. Anyway, i hope you enjoyed my rant, and i hope people can relate to my thoughts and experiences.

-Submitted December 10, 2011
What happened last night

It is the week before finals of my senior year in college and I have been having problems sleeping and with stress, so my doctor prescribed me a 2 week supply of Ambien. I followed the directions and was sitting up in bed with a bottle of water next to my bed and took the pill, turned out the light and shut my eyes. This was at around 10:30pm (I remember looking at the clock). I was excited and relieved to finally get some sleep. Now, my uncle was going to take me to lunch at 11 am the next day (like he does every Friday) and I didn't have class until 2 pm so I thought I wouldn't be groggy for the next days events. I woke up to a knock at my door (my uncle calls my cellphone when he is on his way to my apartment before lunch each week). He comes into my apartment with a puzzled look on his face. He was worried because I did not answer my phone. He said when he pulled up to the apartment building he saw a cell phone and a pair of shoes outside of the building. I got dressed quickly and noticed that I had 4 or 5 bruises and my elbows and knees were scraped up (rug burned), I also couldn't find my glasses (I always put them on my nightstand). I told him I was on a new sleep med and he seemed to be concerned but not too worried. After we went to lunch and when I got back to my apartment I wanted to find my glasses so I could get to class. I searched the living room and noticed that a side table in my living room was knocked over and on the coffee table there were saltine crackers stacked up in 3 neat piles. I went to throw them in the trash bin in the kitchen and what I saw next terrified me! I saw that there were crackers all over the floor and my stove top was covered in a mix of thick sludgy mess that was hard and crusty. On the other counter there were two empty cans of campbells soup (oyster stew and beef mushroom) an empty can of green beans, an opened Ramen noodles package (just opened not used) and a whole empty package of shredded cheese. I looked at the coil burners and melted to the burners was what looked like plastic and a mix of sludge (it smelled horrid). The pot used for this culinary delight was in the sink and was covered in the slop. I looked in the trash bin (still wanting to find my glasses) and found a tupperwear container with a melted bottom (now the plastic on the burner coil made sense). Thank goodness I turned the stove off. I opened the fridge and I found a bag of rice in my refrigerator and a broken soup bowl and a bag of frozen (not anymore) peas. There was a lot of this mix of food on/down in the stove but not enough for the amount that must have been used. Where did it go? The sink had the drain cover on and no food was in the sink or trash bin so... I must have eaten some of it. (I didn't have any food on me but my night clothes were covered in food. My bedroom and bathroom were untouched and nothing was out of place except for a half drunk can of coke by the bed (I didn't have any coke in the apartment). Still looking for my glasses, I thought I must have lost them outside (I didn't remember going outside) or by the bed (I cold have worn them and they fell off). No glasses anywhere! Thank God, I still have my old pair. I don't remember anything but taking the pill and going to sleep and waking up to this strange scene. I must have gotten out of bed and wanted to and did cook (and eaten some of it), gone outside for some unknown reason (It was below freezing that night) I obviously dropped my cell phone and took off my shoes and got back inside. However, I also hurt myself because I am bruised up and have scrapes on my knees and forhead. I don't know where the can of coke came from? I called my doctor and told her my story, she said it is a rare side effect. I am scared to take anymore because I feel like I could have seriously hurt myself. I feel embarrased and guilty because I have no memory of what I did last night. I also had a big mess to clean up. I live alone so I didn't have a baby sitter to make sure I was safe. If I take Ambien again, I will do it when I am with a friend of family member.

-Submitted December 10, 2011
AmbienZolpdem withdrawal horror

Hey Ambien people be warned. I started taking 10mg At night for insomnia. No horror story yet! however over the years I developed a tolerance to it and was eventually taking 10mg plus 12.5mg CR plus a 2mg Dormonoct/xanax at bed time and at 2-3pm when I woke up. I decided enough was enough and I was going to cold turkey off all the meds in a rehab. It was like opening the door and falling into hell. I suffered the most horrific withdrawals for 17days but the worst was the rebound insomnia - I never slept for 1minute of those 17days eventually I was in such a state that I was transferred to a psychiatric hospital for 3weeks. That was 3weeks ago and I am back on the evil monster taking only 20mg when I go to bed. I have asked my doctor to help me wean slowly off this monster and I am terrified coz with every night I sleep I know the tolerance is building again and at some time I am going to have to face the rebound insomnia again.

-Submitted January 16, 2012
The Zombie in the Window

If my wife has an empty stomach and takes a whole ambien then is up for more than 10-15 minutes she goes into this sort of delirium. Sometimes it's calm; sometimes manic. One night I went to pick up my son from marching band and it was probably 10:45 when we got home. As we walked up the sidewalk to the front door I notice my wife was standing inside next to the door with her face pressed against the glass and staring outward. When we walked in I said what are you doing?!! She mumbled something about the bushes talking to her. At which point I knew she must have taken an ambien. I carried her upstairs while she was going on about little chinese men and trees and flowers moving all around with bright colors, etc. Next morning she couldn't remember any of it. I just thank God she didn't open the door and walk out. Another night she was running back and forth from the bed to the bathroom. She would come running, flop on the bed and yell Dave try this, come on do it, it feels really weird, come on do this with me! Of course she remembered none of it.

-Submitted January 18, 2012
Furniture and letters come alive breathing...

I've been taking Ambien for 3 months to help insomnia. I am now able to get a full night's sleep, for the first time since -- ever. I am 53, and even as a child I had fitful sleep. I don't like the idea of depending on a pill to sleep, but the insomnia was destroying me physically, mentally, and ruining my work. Sleeping now is good. My main complaint is that it begins to make me feel strange after about 20 minutes...angles and distances of objects in room begin to change and move around. Furniture will seem to get up, trade places with other pieces, assume various attitudes, have whispered conversations. They observe me. My own limbs and fingers seem to grow longer and shorter, as the room throbs in waves in and out. I try to type, and the keyboad looks like it's made of crudely cut stones, letters depicted by heiroglyphs. My emotions are droopy, sort of swirly around in my head. If I don't get to bed soon, I could stay up late with little memory of this strange scene!

-Submitted January 23, 2012
little green man and the librarian

I was prescribed Ambien a while ago for insomnia. I guess you really do have to take it, turn off the lights, and close your eyes and go to bed! I, however, did not know that, and stayed awake as it did not really make me that tired. I remember my trip started when I began putting my fingers through this strand of circles I had hanging infront of my doorway, as if I had magical powers or something? I don't remember what followed after that, but my friends were quick to tell me the next day that I had called them. The first friend I called began to tell me that I was screaming and frantic about a little green man that was throwing my tv out the window! and that I just continued to scream at this creature to drop it!. Then I said to be very quite, that the librarian wad downstairs and that she will hear you! I guess the librarian then left because I said it was okay to talk again. I called another friend, apparently, whom I told I was on a magic bed and it could spin me in triangles like a rainbow? Crazy stuff!! I have had a few other experiences where I have spotted basketball players in the bushes, been able to put my hand through a plant, and even sent full, visual, descriptive sex text messages to my then boyfriend. I had no memory of it whatsoever and was so embarrassed when I checked my phone the next morning :( Needless to say, I won't be taking them again.. quite humiliating, scary, and embarrassing! Haa

-Submitted January 23, 2012
Bizarre Side Effects - You'll Either Love it or Hate It

Ambien (Zolpidem Tartrate) has got to be one of the weirdest drugs I've ever encountered. I'm a pretty good sleeper but needed something to offset moderate insomnia as a result of side effects from some anti-depressant medication (Wellbutrin) I was taking for Seasonal Affective Disorder. I must admit though I did try this recreationally before as it was prescribed so I could sleep on a plane and the weird feelings it gave me prompted a little subsequent experimentation. I think a lot of people use it this way as friends say it is much easier to get than Xanax/Valium etc.

Works good for sleep, no hangover, lasts about 6 hours. I've found though on nights I don't take it, I have much more pronounced dreams. It is as if it helps you sleep but doesn't take you to that dream state. That's whay I like to take it only off and on as needed.

I few times I took 10mg (I'm a 180lbs male) and stayed up and not much happened. I just felt sort of like I just got off a roller coaster, slightly unbalanced and a very slight queezy feeling in my stomach. My wife did say I acted much more affectionate and social than I normally do so she enjoyed that. We had sex but I found it was much more difficult to reach an orgasm. Something she also enjoyed, but also felt sorry for me that I didn't get to 'finish.'

It's when I took it and drank 2-3 beers or glasses of wine (not much for me) that things got really weird. It essentially amplifies the weird side effects including the following:

- More social/affectionate and generally 'nice' In groups, people don't always see anything obviously wrong with you and when it IS noticeable everyone finds it entertaining/fun because it doesn't turn you into a jerk or someone violent. Just sort of a slight 'goofball' You sometimes may find out you were the life of the party but don't remember 90% of it.

- Feelings of arousal and urges to be more kinkier, less inhibited in bed. To me this is the potentially addicting side effect with this drug (aside from being able to sleep if you have insomnia.) I've heard of couples having Ambien Date Nights and can see why. It seems the degree of amnesia though varies between people (maybe based on body weight/dosage ratio differences or involvement of alcohol is my guess) I can usually remember more than 50% of what we did but less if I have more than 1 or 2 drinks. Video taping would be an interesting and maybe fun option.

- Texting or calling people, usually people I don't talk to very often, and saying strange things but sounding completely sober then only vaguely remembering calling/texting them. Some of the texts I read the next day have been hilarious. You can tell they are coming from deep in your subconscious, mentioning favorite movies, or actors, etc but it a totally disconnected conversation

- Delayed/Impeded Orgasm (it sounds like this is mostly with men and not women) You have to find your own balance on how much you can take, when, empty or not empty stomach, etc and still reach the finish line.

- Truth Serum effect: Ambien, especially combined with a little alcohol, will turn you into an open book and you may end up saying whatever is on your mind and answer any question you are asked. It's almost like you go into a state of partial hypnosis. A knowledgeable/skilled partner could possibly easily extract information from you (find out if you are cheating) or persuade you into doing things you might not normally do (in my opinion._ This could be good/fun and bad depending on your partner. Bottom line: Avoid doing this around people you don't trust!

All in all, I think 1) this is a very good spleep aid with little to no hangover effect (seems to last about 6 hours). 2) Can catch people off guard with some of the strange side effects and depending on your personality this could upset you and make you not like the drug, or, be fun for you and make you want to use it recreationally if you are careful/wise. I can see that type of split in reading the reviews here.

Definitely don't drive a car or do anything requiring good motor skills. Don't take it if you are drinking heavily either. It is widely believed the cause of Tiger Woods hitting the tree in his driveway was Ambien as he was known to have Ambien Sex with his Mistress.

I also note that it hits you much harder if you take it on an empty stomach. It kicks in smoother on a full stomach with less side effects.

-Submitted January 25, 2012
Monsters under my bed. Literally.

I'm not actually prescribed ambien but one night I had an outburst and my mom suggested I take one and get straight to bed. So I took it, laid down and started messing with my phone. I guess I called my ex boyfriend and dozed off. All of a sudden I awoke to seeing a giant cat-like shadow come towards me. I freaked out and kept trying to call my ex back, saying this thing was after me, monsters were coming after me and that it was my time to go. Whatever that means. I also kept seeing shadow figures walking across my room and in groups too. I didn't necessarily scare me but it was definitely strange.

-Submitted January 25, 2012
My book pages are made of parchment....

I have been taking Ambien for about 3 months now. I started with the regular kind and switched to CR after the first month. A few odd things have happened to me but this does not change the fact that I love my Ambien. I have found trails of cheese bits in the house and the empty (formally brand new) package of sliced cheese under the bed. I have tried to watch t.v. after taking the ambien and bouned back and forth off the hallway walls trying to get to the bedroom screaming WOOOOOOO all the way to the bed. I have gotten on my hands and knees begging my husband to come to bed with me. I had sex with said husband one time and only realized it because the next morning I had a different pair of pajama pants on...sans underwear. Those are the things I dont remember. I do recall watching my Sentcy burner, stained glass lamp and alarm clock develop eyes, mouths and perform syncronized swaying while smiling at me. When I take my ambien at night, now just seconds before I hop into bed to read....I know its time to shut the light off and lay down, because my books begin to look as if they are made of old parchment and the letters look very old fashioned. These things to me are par for the course and are things I am willing to deal with in order to get the rest I havent had in as long as I can remember. I have however made my husband promise that if he hears the front door open in the middle of the night, he will come after me.

-Submitted January 28, 2012
breaking in to neighbors house

I took ambien for the first time after drinking heavily. Everyone thought the party was over - but me. I went home, snuck back out and broke into my neighbors house. I pounced apon their bed telling them to Get The Fuck Up!!!! Needless to say the next morning they changed their garage code because they can't trust me. I told them I would have never done such a thing if I wasn't on ambien. They said that is fine. Let us know wheb you take ambien so we can batton down the hatches:) At least they don't hold it against me. Although I molested the man pretty bad :) Fuckin neighbors!

-Submitted January 30, 2012
laura and the party

I had 9 friends over for a game laura my wife had a fue drinks with us then took ambien and went to bed 1 of my buddy s went to the bathroom. And my wife called to him from the bedroom as he went by she pulled of her night shirt her showing her huge tits. She started to fuck him she a loud fuck but with the ambian. Very loud every herd her and started. Cat calls the laura starts call to the guys that she want to fuck all my wife fucked every 1 and in the morning didn't even know

-Submitted February 2, 2012

Took Ambien for chronic pan/sleep issues. Things do talk to you on Ambien but without words; they simply move ever so slightly which creates the allusion of lips opening and closing. I've eaten ice cream, called my brothr and sang him a lullybe, made reservatsion hotel and plane for Miami, twice, and had to cancel. I egged my next door neighbors house cause his dog annoyed me. I went down to the beach at dawn and jumped in teh water in my clothes. I drove to AC and gambled for hours before coming out of it. The list goes on. The drug is a good drug but you must take it and lie down. period.

-Submitted March 1, 2012
Longtime Ambien user.

I was prescribed 10mg. of Ambien at about the time my mother died and I was having insomnia problems due to menapause. That was roughly 10-12 years ago. I've never increased the dosage. But I do take the 10mg. pill each night at bedtime. Yes, I have done and said things that I don;t remember the following day. For example, I might get up and dish myself a bowl of ice cream and not remember doing it the next day. Other than that, nothing of any consequence has occurred. The best way to take Ambien is to take it right before you climb into bed...and STAY there. My family wold like me to stop using Ambien, but if I don't take it I don't get any sleep at all.

-Submitted March 14, 2012

I was put on Ambien by my psychiatrist and took it for a few nights with good results. Every thing was fine until the 5th night when I opened up the pill bottle to find most of the pills were gone. It was not just the Ambien bottle either, there were pills missing in other bottles too! Like a few other reports on here, I also had unexplained bruises on my arms and legs. I must have risen in the night and kept taking pills (not on purpose) forgeting I had taken them. This could have been a VERY serious situation! Scary stuff!

-Submitted March 24, 2012

These are certainly some bizarre stories. Hopefully most people do not get those types of effects. I have had Ambian around for the last couple of years and possibly 3 nights a week if I haven't been able to sleep by 1-2 o'clock I will take 1/2 (5 mg) Ambian with a 3 mg Melatonin pill. Thus seems to work very well with no discernible side effects and I feel rested in the mornings. It sure beats a whole night of looking at the ceiling....

-Submitted March 25, 2012
Woke up with half a bottle missing

I did not realize that you should take it right before your head hits the pillow! This is VERY serious. I started taking it this past Friday. On night two all Hell broke loose. The first night I fell asleep without remembering how long the pill took to kick in... but, it had to had to have been around an hour (or so I thought). Don't take it and expect that you will be fine for a half an hour before it kicks in! I took it the next night and got in the shower (before going to bed) and the next thing I remember was waking up (nude) on the living room floor with the TV on and food all over the floor and on my skin and in my hair. I cleaned it all up and slept another few hours (in my bed). The next night I opened my bottle of Ambien to find 13 (10mg pills) missing. I must have taken them while I was asleep/sleepwalking/hypnotized because they are no where to be found. I didn't tell my doctor because she would probably stop giving me the pills and I need them to sleep. From now on I will have my boyfriend hold on to the pill bottle after I take my pill before crawling into bed. Thank God I did not

-Submitted March 27, 2012
Not bad yet

I have back problems that keep me up at night, so I'll take Ambien so I can sleep. I don't think I have any problme with any of the sleep walking stuff but I have experienced everything starting to roll almost? Its like your on a boat but obviously not lol. It reminds me oh that old screen saver that you could use where it was a clear bubble that move about your desktop, thats how my vision has been. Its like your mind keeps working clear but your body slows down and gets clumsy. I also take the smallest dosage and try to either take halves of take 2 nights off a week.

-Submitted March 31, 2012

I took this pill (on am empty stomach) and got into bed. I then remember I wanted to go take a bath. So, I went to the bathroom and began to fill up the tub... {FROM THIS POINT I HAVE NO MEMORY} and I apparently began to vomit for a good 10 minutes and got into the tub and shaved off my beard. Then I got a call from a few friends who wanted to go have dinner. So they picked me up and apparently (from what they told me today) we went to dinner and a movie. I woke up this moning having almost no memory of this dinner or going to the movie. My friends said that while eating I was talking normally and in clear sentences but just seemed out of it. For example, I was not answering everones questions (even directed towards me) and did not use any small talk, when I did talk it seemed planned and hard to come by (like thinking a few seconds before answering. I don't remember anything of this movie we saw. I don't remember going to bed but I do remember the next morning.... I was very dissorianted.

-Submitted March 31, 2012
Have a friend or loved one hold onto the bottle

I live by myself and have (on several occasions) found that I have taken more than one dose of Ambien without realizing it. One day I woke up after having taken my 10mg nightly dose to find pills all over the floor and a good 7 or 8 pills missing. I must have taken them in a sleepwalking state. How embarrassing! Like another person above me said in their post HAVE A LOVED ONE LOOK AFTER THE BOTTLE! Even people who don't abuse this drug or other medications and other legal/illegal drugs have done drug addict/seeking like behavior on this medication (it warns about it on the official lable). Also, please be careful with the generic version of this pill because it looks like a few other psychiatric medications. I used to put it in my pillbox and one day I accidently took it with my dinner medication and didn't realize. I went to dinner and I don't remember having dinner at the restaurant or going to the theatre with my friends that night but everyone said that I was TOTALLY out of it and could barely make out sentences. The funny thing was that I took the dinner pills (including AMBIEN) an hour before my friends were to pick me up and I hopped in the shower and ended up getting a call from my friends saying that they had been outside for 8 minutes... it was over an hour later! I ended up throwing on clothes and wearing glasses that I have never seen before (they have no lenses) and still don't know who they belong to. Later that night I found my real glasses in the toilet bowl. This has only happened a couple times in the past year. If you want to be on a pill like this seriously consult your doctor before doing so. If you live alone warn your friends and family so they know your not crazy or on illegal drugs.

-Submitted April 8, 2012
terrible haircut

I was put on Ambien 10 mg to help me sleep after being diagnosed with chronic pain. I have had some of the same weird experiences that many have had. None that were alarming enough to stop taking it. I did however always have my husband put my keys away where I didn't know where they were in case I went driving like many say they have done. So that never happened to me. One night though some thing happened after taking it that was truly terrifying. I remember bugs crawling through my hair and I couldn't get them out. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the bugs out of my hair. The next morning I woke up and found blood on my pillow and I had cut my hair all over. I found scizzors and a knife along with hair all over my house. I had cut my hair down to the scalp and had cut my scalp in places. I ended up having my head almost shaved and had to wear a wig for several months while it grew back. It was absolutely terrifying. I'm thankful I wasn't severely hurt but I had very long hair and it was devastating to me. I will never take this Ambien again.

-Submitted April 11, 2012
Stabbing Fighting Taking Swims More...

I have been taking Ambien for about one year now. At first it worked great, I would fall asleep right away and stay asleep all night. But for the past few weeks I have been doing insane things after taking Ambien. The first night, I decided to take many sharpies and draw all over my leg, my whole leg was covered and took a long time to get out. The next thing I decided it would be good to re-arrange mine and my sisters room. I ended up taking her whole bed apart, moving her gaint wood head board into my room, taking my desk apart, moving beds up and down the stairs. Next was driving my dads truck. I remember I wanted to find my IPod and thought I had left it in the truck so I went out there with the keys to unlock it and decided to go for a drive on my own. I remember it was like a dream. Only remember bits and peaces of the luckly short drive. The next thing I remember happening was horrible. I had taken the pill and wanted to go for a walk even though it was about 1 am. Where I live we are surrouded by fields, and about 20 minute walk is a pond. I walked to the field, instead of going on the path I walked thru the field, not even knowing what was in them. I got to the pond and wanted to see how cold it was so I put my feet in the water, I got kinda deep and realized it was ice water and I was very cold. I tured around and was about to get out when my foot was cought on a branch in the water and I fell back and into the ice water. I'm so happy I got out because it was very muddy and very hard to get out. I got home and my fingures were purple, I've never been in so much pain in my life. The last thing that has happend involved a knife. I must have been feeling sad because I took the pills and ended up stabbing my leg, which is still healing. Luckly nothing more has happend since but it has been getting worse and worse. Thank god I'm not dead.... Yet..

-Submitted May 25, 2012
The world is actually ending

I was prescribed Ambien about two years ago for severe insomnia and ongoing night terrors. The first strange experience I had, I took an Ambien about ten minutes before I intended on going to bed (big mistake). I ended up cutting and highlighting my hair (which somehow, didn't turn out all that badly). Another time, my teddy bear was coming alive and trying to attack me, so I got out of bed and phoned my parents to ask for advice/help. Yet another time, I woke up to see that all of my stuffed animals and dolls had had their clothes cut off and placed in neat piles around my bedroom. Several times, I woke up somehow having lengthy term papers completed, which was great--I always seemed to work on the ones I dreaded the most! However, I decided to call Ambien quits after two major incidents that could have caused me serious harm. In the first, under the influence of Ambien, I decided to take my entire bottle of Ambien (30 10mg tablets) as well as an entire bottle of Ativan, a tranquilizer (90 1mg tablets) I woke up the next morning perfectly fine, but this had to of been a miracle, because that's a substantial amount of medication. I have no memory of the week following the overdose and a very cloudy memory of the months afterward. The most recent incident involved waking up in the middle of the night, hallucinating, and being chased by monsters in my house. I was literally screaming, to the point that the people in the apartment room under me were banging on the floor/ceiling.. I ended up calling my boyfriend for help. After he came over and calmed me down enough so that I could go back to sleep, I woke up again, looked out my window, and saw what looked to me like a terrorist attack on our apartment complex. I distinctly remember thinking Oh my god--the world is ACTUally ending. I pulled out my phone and started recording (I still have this clip) and in it you can hear my commentary, as well as my EXTREMELY heavy breathing, which showed how terrified I was. I then ran to my sleeping sister and her boyfriend's room, barged in and told them to grab their things, the complex is burning down. My sister's boyfriend yelled at me, and since they weren't responding I left the complex and went up to random people, asking them what we should do about the attack. Of course, everyone said that they hadn't seen anything, but I kept seeing bullets being fired and smoke so I kept ducking and hiding behind things and shouting up to people on their balconies, warning them to get out of there. Eventually I fell asleep because my sister calmed me down and watched me, but needless to say--Ambien will no longer be in my medicine cabinet.

-Submitted May 31, 2012
An Evil Presence

Okay . . . I've had epilepsy for over 40 years; been seizure free for 22 of them. My neuro doc decides he needs to wean me off the Mysoline (that has a phenobarb compound in it) and onto Keppra. I told him that if he took me off the Mysoline, I'd have to have something to help me get to sleep - once there, I'm fine. So he prescribed Ambien. After 6 months of weaning, I was finally off my Mysoline, only within 12 hours I had an aura (feeling of going into a seizure) and the doc felt this was Mysoline withdrawal. Well gee whiz Wally, maybe if he'd been on it for 22 years, there might be some withdrawal. Regardless, my fear of having another seizure won out, and I got back on the Mysoline. Only, I never got off of the Ambien.

In the past 2-3 weeks, I have felt someone's hands began carressing my body and then I feel someone on top of me (no, it's not my husband). I'm fully awake and I keep trying to brush the hand away, only to have it become more aggressive. Last night, I had another night of feeling violated and spent the better part of the night and day, crying. It almost feels like a possession . . . but if I go to my doc with these symptoms, he'll probably lock me up, so I will either suffer in silence or take matters into my own hands.

-Submitted June 6, 2012
What a trip

I have been taking Ambien for a few years now due to severe insomnia.I have been slowly trying to wean myself off of it for the last few weeks, and, after reading these stories,I am hoping to get off of it for good. I had several laughs along the way in reading these posts, but there were a few that were completely terrifying! It took me a while but I finally realized that with Ambien,you must not take it until you are crawling into bed. Although it appears in a few cases that it made no difference. However I must stay that it's much safer to take it when you are getting into bed, rather then do what I have done on several occasions, which was to take it and wait for the cozy feeling to kick in before going to bed....BIG mistake! I have done several things while on ambien, one being the ever popular 'sleep eating'. I have gotten up the next day to find paper plates with food crumbs sitting around, crumbs on my couch and other food related situations that I absolutely could not remember being involved in. The scariest thing I ever did was take an ambien after I had completed an overnight work shift. I took a 10mg ambien, put the leash on my dog to take him for a walk, headed out the door, and the next thing I know I woke up on my upstairs couch. Thank god the dog was ok!! I have no recollection of where we went when we left the house, or how we made it back.How scary!! I will also admit that I have had relations with my husband and didn't remember it the next day, or if I did, just bits and pieces as if it were a dream. I definately have cut back on the ambien and only take it when really neccesary and when ready for bed. Please be VERY careful with this medication!

-Submitted June 29, 2012
Bad Fall

I have taken Ambien for about 5 years due to insomnia. It was prescribed by a psychiatrist along with a host of other drugs for depression. I tried other sleep aids previously but nothing else seemed to knock me out the way the Ambien did. I have never taken more than 1 pill in a night, never driven a car or left the house. But a few odd things have happened over the years.

1. Night eating - I did this some before taking Ambien, but it was greatly amplified once I started taking the drug. I would wake up and find that I had baked a batch of brownies or cooked mac and cheese in the night. 2. Forgotten Sex - I had sex and phone sex several times with my fiance and can't remember any of it. 2. Gibberish - If I took an Ambien and for whatever reason did NOT fall asleep right away, I would talk in complete nonsense to whoever was around. I live alone right now, so this only happened when I visited my parents or stayed with my fiance. Once I remember very emphatically trying to tell my fiance something about hot dogs and getting very upset that he didn't understand me. It actually bothered him so much that he asked me to not take the meds any more, and I stopped taking it about 6 months ago.

2 weeks ago I had had a horrible cough for 3 days and hadn't gotten any sleep, so I decided to take an Ambien to help me get some rest that night.

I took the pill at about 12 am. At 1 am I woke up at the bottom of my stairway curled in a ball and crying hysterically, in a lot of pain. I can't remember the fall, but the bruising I have and holes in the wall lead me to believe that I didn't just slide down on my bottom. I think I tumbled head-over-heels the whole way down. From what I can gather, I think I was heading for the bathroom and took a wrong turn and fell in complete darkness.

I was taken to the hospital for x-rays and a CT scan and luckily nothing was broken and I had no concussion. But my head looks like the Elephant Man where I bashed it into the wall and I have 2 massive black eyes that were swollen shut for days. I also have painful bruising all over my left shoulder and right breast, hip, and thigh. It's not been fun to explain to friends, family, and coworkers what happened. Now many of them are worried about me.

I feel very fortunate that this is all that happened to me and I will never be taking this drug again. Good riddance, Ambien.

-Submitted July 6, 2012

I take it for sleep. Like actual sleep. I have 2 bourbons or 2 glasses of wine as a daily ritual. And then I feel wonky...every time. I feel I am in Hunter S. Thompsons,Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Until I reach my bed, long last. After that, if I have less than 8 hours sleep its just not worth it as you are groggy all day. 8-10hrs of sleep and you are brilliant. The End :)

-Submitted July 16, 2012

I have been taking 10mg of Ambien nightly for about 3 years now. I take it for insomnia, especially severe anxiety while I'm trying to fall asleep (heart pounding, racing thoughts, repetitive suicidal thoughts, feelings of extreme guilt and self loathing etc). I used to take several medications for depression and anxiety but the side effects were terrible. Those meds made my Ambien side-effects intensify very much and most of the following happened while on all the meds. Without the other pills, Ambien doesn't make me act so totally nuts. I have done almost all of the things other people have-except for driving. One night, I painted my face like a clown and then took extremely lewd pictures of myself. I found them on the camera the next day and they were SO CRAZY and embarrassing. I write stupid, embarrassing stuff on Facebook, talk in gibberish, eat, have wild, wild kinky sex with my husband (beg him to do things that don't turn me on at all in real life). I am 5 feet tall and 90 pounds and I ordered $600 worth of Nutri-system diet meals. WHY? Why on earth of all things would I order that?? That's not even fun! One time, my husband found me laying half in the front door and half out on the porch swigging wine straight out of the bottle. Another night (my husband recorded this), I dressed up like an Aztec (whatever that means...that's what I said I had dressed up as) and performed a ritual! I ended up telling Aztec myths and calling myself a Portuguese guinea pig with a look of greatest sorrow on my face! LOL I have no clue what that means but the video makes us die laughing. I have war-paint looking make up on my face and am in my underwear. I have cried hysterically, laughed hysterically, hallucinated, watched my hands making trails etc. I remember almost none of it. Most of the stuff is harmless so I don't worry about it. My husband is a good sport and I only do really crazy stuff once every six months or so. The Facebook thing is actually a problem though. I have a Nook with wireless internet that I like to read as I'm falling asleep and I find that the next day I have said really stupid/weird things on there without knowing. Like one night I wrote out this long song quote full of swear words (normally I wouldn't put stuff like that on there because of young and/or religious family members I am friends with on Facebook) that was totally offensive. I don't know why I did that. Or I feel the need to contact people who I would never normally talk to and say inappropriate things. Not sexual but just too personal or honest.

-Submitted July 22, 2012
choked my family

I have taken zolpidem before with no side effects, this time was different. I have NO MEMORY of ANY OF THIS, according to my family, I had taken the medication and went to bed only to sit up in the bed with my head hanging down then walking all over the house. my hair was wild, my eyes were wild my husband said I was sitting on edroom floor looking at wall paper trying to find a secret code? I opened a box a cereal at both ends, poured milk and marshmellows in it and microwaved it. My daughter who is 18 and just had surgery was asleep in her room with the door locked, I kept kncking on the door asking if her brother was in there (he moved out and was in army for the last 3 years) I managed to break into her room where I attacked her and was chocking her! she pushed me on the floor, thats when my husband came in and found me. I tried to break into her truck, I also was walking down the highway at 3 oclock in the morning. then I was talking in some sort of strange languange my husband said it was in tongues? I had taken over 10 of these pills over a 9 hour period until i finally passed out and slept almost 20 hours. My daugher has not spoke to me since, she thinks I was on meth? im completely devestated over this, and could have killed myself or one of my family members. I do not know what this drug does to the human brain, but it should be illegal!!

-Submitted July 27, 2012

I have been married 19 years and have Never cheated on my husband!! I have taken ambien occasionaly over the last few years. My husband has reported to me that sometimes I get a lityle crazy durring ambien sex , but doesnt complain. One night a year ago I was talking on the phone with my husband, he was working a night shift. I had taken a ambien, i had informed him of this, so he let me goto bed. Our conversation was at 1:30 am, at about 4:15 I awke to a friend of ours having sex with me in our bed. I freaked out!!! Told him to leave right away! And lay the next few hours wondering how this had occured! The friend called the next day and told me that I begged him to come over and have sex with me. That I had called and said I was in the floor and could not make it to my room. I do gave heart conditions, howevrr the friend lives 30 min away and could have called my husbad, they work at the same place or called 911! He saysI let him inside, i find this hardto beliveafter the cant get up story, plus I hadtwo kids staying the night at my house that night! Not little either! 18,18,16,16,and10, they would at least see something! Anyways I am devestated, and have no idea what really happened!! Itsjust not me at all!!! I hate this person!!!he also knowsi tske ambien! Was i taken advantage off?? Pleasehelp

-Submitted August 3, 2012
Sleep Challenged

Name: Sleep Challenged My sleep pattern has always been dreadful. As a child I was a sleep walker. I had night terrors that continued through adulthood. Around 50 years of age I was diagnosed with sleep apnea (115 lbs, non-smoker, exercise) go figure. CPAP eliminated my night terrors; however, I still had major insomnia. My sleep study indicated that I did not get past stage 2 sleep and was waking up multiple times a night. So the Dr. prescribed Ambien. It honestly worked like a dream, slept great, no hangover, woke up rested and ready to go, but then it stopped working. I've taken Ambien almost continuously for over 5 years now. The few times I discontinued it just put me into my previous state of insomnia. I am determined to quit it for good and have cut the dose in half (to 5 mg) with my MD's guidance. I am also seeing a professional hypnotherapist which seems to be helping. I hope I don't experience the withdrawal effects so many of you have experienced. I'm really quite terrified! Any suggestion for a better night sleep without the aid of drugs is welcome!

-Submitted August 6, 2012

My mom has been using ambien for a few years now, and the things she has done are very similar to those listed above. The most common thing she does is eat! It's just constant, one thing after another; mostly cheerios, so nothing too terrible. On one occasion she drained her and my father's bank account by paying the same bills repeatedly. There have been several instances when she has cut her hair, thankfully her hair is short, so it wasn't too noticeable...however, the time she took a pair of dog clippers and shaved the back of her head was by far the worst incident. The next morning, after I finished laughing, I asked her what was going through her head the night before, and she said that ambien just makes her do whatever is on her mind. She's cut her hair on ambien so many times that I usually have to hide scissors from her at bedtime. Along those lines, she has woken up in the morning with only one eyebrow before, also on several occasions.

Now we get to the really crazy morning when I woke up for work, I came downstairs and there were grocery bags covering the entire kitchen counter. The bags were completely full of grocery; meats and dairy, things that all should have been refrigerated were left out. I woke up my mom to ask what was going on and she couldn't remember a thing. It turned out that she had ventured out to the grocery store at 3am and spent $300 on groceries, which were now mostly spoiled. It's a miracle that she managed to get there and back in one piece.

Lastly, the epic Facebook mom isn't too tech savvy, so luckily for her, I was still awake during this whole ordeal. Around 11:30pm, my mom came running down the stairs completely frantic. She handed me her cell phone and just kept muttering. When I glanced at her phone I saw that she had taken a naked picture of herself, so I'm like okay...gross. Why did you show me this? She then proceeds to tell me that that's the picture she had just uploaded to her Facebook and she didn't know how to take it off! Once again, after I finished laughing, I took the picture down, and she deleted her Facebook. Thank God that she realized what she had done, instead of going to sleep and waking up the next morning with catastrophic results.

As a nurse, I've done some pretty extensive research on ambien, and I don't believe it should be taken off the market, due to the fact that it is a helpful drug. I think it has to do with the fact that doctors are just too free with prescribing ambien. According to the 2011 Mosby's Nursing Drug Reference Guide (24th edition), ambien should only be taken for a MAXIMUM of 7 days, due to its addictive nature. Shouldn't doctors know this? As I said, it's not the drug itself that is the problem, it's the prescribing doctors that are too lazy to find a better solution, no matter how entertaining ambien can be.

-Submitted September 4, 2012
Never wanted sex

I just got off of ambien. It made me never want to have sex and I was depressed. I never laughed any more. I couldn't stand for my husband to touch me. I hated sex and thought it was where I was going through the change of life. I started weaning myself off of the 10 mg. ambien to 3/4 pill for 4 weeks 1/2 pill for 4 weeks 1/4 pill for 4 weeks.I titrated the pills. I used 1 ounce of water per pill and disolved the pills in the 1 ounce of water and then took 3/4 ounce of water for 4 weeks and so on. My sex desire has come back and I feel like my old self now. I will never take these again!!

-Submitted September 17, 2012
Ambien...truth or lies serum

My wife is a R.N. who takes Ambien every night. Over the past year she has told me of a few occasions where she has helped her patients (male) ejaculate while giving them their baths. After telling me the same story, I finally questioned her about one of these episodes the next day. She got very angry and defensive telling me how that is unethical, and she would NEVER do anything like that......Now, I'm confused, why is her stories so consistent, even if it's a lie?

-Submitted September 30, 2012
Glitter and Spaghettio - KK

I was prescribed Ambien a few years ago for severe insomnia and night terror. The first time I took it, my roommate was on a business trip to Baltimore and I had the house to myself. I took 10mg on an empty stomach and hopped into bed with a book. The letters on the page seemed to be rearranging themselves on the page and I kept squinting and blinking thinking surely this wasn't really happening. The texture of the paper became more pronounced and the words became harder and harder to make sense of until all the type appears to fall off the page. At this point I decided I should just close my eyes and try to fall asleep. I was so calm and drugged that I didn't really feel scared or worried about the side effects and I fell asleep. Or so I thought... because the next morning I woke up feeling great but as I walked towards the kitchen I noticed something on my hands and a sauce stain on my pj pant leg and upon further investigation of my pjs I noticed that not only was I COVERED in this sauce and there was a trail of it leading from my bed to the kitchen! Freaked out, I ran into the kitchen and saw several pans in the sink full of Spaghettios (3 cans that I had opened and heated up) and an entire bag of shredded cheese which I had melted over the many pans of Spaghettios. I followed the trail back to my bedroom and saw that I had been sleeping in a pile of this strange late night snack as well. I was so confused and had no memory of any of this happening.

After that first night I didn't have any late night binges but the sensation and visuals that everything was sort of breathing and moving never calmed down and my motor skills were always dangerously impaired. I did read and write numerous things that I could never remember and I did various strange visual art projects that I took photos of but have no memory of doing. One in particular was a huge mess of water and glitter. I have no idea what I was trying to create but I took photos and found them unloaded to my laptop the next day. I can also say that what the others have said about increased libido/decreased inhibition was also true for me but I fail to see the benefit since I could never remember more than the first few minutes of any night on Ambien. I started on the regular, tried moving to the controlled release and after about a month decided that Benadryl gives me a safer and more restful sleep and lets me actually understand the books I'm reading before bed. I can't say it wasn't enjoyable but I don't think it's the best option for those truly looking for JUST sleep. I'm a little bit bionic when it comes to medication (not sensitive to it at all) and this was pretty intense... which was no exactly was I was looking for. I somehow feel like I woke up more tired than when I'd went to sleep. Probably because I was up all night doing strange things.

-Submitted October 1, 2012
Hallucinations and PTSD

I started taking ambien after telling my Dr. I was having some trouble sleeping. He prescribed Ambien, and I didn't think much of it, because I work at a pharmacy and we fill a LOT of Ambien prescriptions. The first night I took it, I thought my paintings were judging me because I didn't make them good enough, and I thought there were a bunch of people in the room (it was the tv). Another time, I hallucinated that my towel was covered in spiders, and I refused to go to sleep because I was scared. Another time I was hearing voices that weren't really happening. The last straw was when I saw the ceiling moving. My bf had to babysit me for 3 hours while I walked from room to room looking at all the ceilings. At one point I got up on the bed and tried to touch it. I don't remember any of this.

What I do know, is that I started having dreams. Every night. Every time I doze off. Every time I hit snooze in the morning. I wake up every hour or so being scared or annoyed by a dream, and then fall back into one.. usually the same one. I've been off Ambien for months now, and the dreams won't go away. I was diagnosed with ptsd, and it was surfaced by the ambien (apparently). It's annoying and it's making me feel like a crazy person.

-Submitted October 4, 2012
Great drug - for some people

When I take 5mg Ambien I go straight to bed and am asleep within ten minutes. When my fiancee takes Ambien he talks like an idiot, jumps and staggers all over the house, takes his clothes off and goes outside and rolls around on the ground, pees on himself, poops in a chair in the livingroom and if I complain or ask him sweetly to go to bed he hits me. He hasn't slept well in twenty years and I sincerely wish we could find something to help him relax, but right now this is all we have. I have ordered a Taser. He won't hit me again.

-Submitted October 6, 2012
Husband a murderer

My husband works nights and has for over 15 years. He began taking ambien about 3 years ago and was taking a ten milligram dosage. Where most of us would take it at night he would take it during the day so he could sleep and then get up for work. We (me and the kids) would make fun of him sometimes because he would stagger around and eat after taking it I usually would Put him to bed. One day we had sex and the next day he asked me why I didn't come in and snuggle with him the day before. Meaning he didn't remember having sex and was mad because he thought we were going to and that I had lied to him. The next experience was the scariest. I had a doctors appointment and he accompanied me to the doctor. After the appt we stopped to get breakfast and he took his ambien after he ate so that he could come home and sleep for work that night. By the time we got home he began to act funny and started telling me a story hat he had killed two people years ago. He told me that he had witnessed a rape and decided to get even with the two men that committed the crime. I figured he was full of it and was talking crazy from taking the meds. I ran an errand thinking he would be asleep when I was finished but 30 minutes later he was still awake. Much to my surprise when I came in the house he was sitting on our couch with a loaded gun. I had to take the gun from him and unload it. I flushed his ambien down the toilet and called his doctor. I told them he was telling crazy stories and playing with weapons. He could have killed me or one of the kids if they were home. He did not remember any of it when he woke up. My doctor gave me a prescription also and I thought well I'm not like him I can handle it. Turns out I have had sex on many occasions while on it. Plucked my eyebrows cut my own hair and shaved my arms and pubic hair. I obliously have an odd hair obsession. My point is if you really need to take it do so when in the bed for the night and maybe only take half of one. Another lady I know took one and fell in her kitchen floor and proceeded to get seven staples in her head. Just be very cautious and only take it out of all other options being gone. It can be very dangerous and even deadly

-Submitted October 13, 2012
does anyone know

My husband takes ambush 10 mg and help take 2 then go back and take some more then ill say u just took them he is. so rude and tries to break my phone or ruin my shoes or look on craigslist for sex or txt my friend telling her she's hot he got 30 10 mg on the 10th of Oct he now has 10 left and today is the 13th What do I do

-Submitted October 15, 2012
Media inquiry

I'm a writer for a major women's magazine working on a story about prescription drugs and the hidden dangers of taking them. I'm looking for a professional woman in her 20's or 30's who has experienced an Ambien horror story (car accident, hospital admission, etc.) who would share the experience. Please find me through my website:


-Submitted October 21, 2012

Please, add me on my Facebook Ḉạtgaga Ṱhe Ḡød! (Copy and paste the name).

Any-who, Taking Ambien is beautiful for me. I feel happier. For some reason, why do i feel motivated? and wanting to talk? and also even more creative with arts/and picture ideas. This drug has achieved my goals to stop being shy as well. I talk to my friends often, too. Then the good thing that when all those feels wear off i get sleepy and then head to bed and wake up like a normal person. Don't feel droggy at all. Its great. In sex... ugh. The climax feels like NOTHING on ambien. I thank god im not the one who ends up in a ditch for taking that pill. ( I only take half of it. The dose is 10MG )

Oh, it loves me.

-Submitted October 27, 2012

After taking 2 zolpidems (10 mg each)and making the mistake of staying awake, I got up, changed the pin number of all the mobile phones I could lay my hands on and called my GF 10 times at 5 AM... The funny thing is that I remember all of it... but it felt like a dream... Tnis is some heavy stuff. BTW, a piece of advice: don´t take them while drunk...

-Submitted December 10, 2012
It was like he wasnt really him

My boyfriend has been on ambian now for 2 months, he takes it because he has alot of problems sleeping and with anxiety. And two nights ago he picked me up from work and almost killed our son and the two of us by running a red light. He told me he thought it was flashing orange at him so he just kept going. When we get home things seemed ok but then it was like he snapped!! We have been together for 12 yrs and over these years he has never once made me feel scared or threatened in any way. But that night I was scared for my life. He had pinned me down on the couch and was saying comments like I was his bitch and he would do with me as he pleased in his house! He never talked to me this way. It got alot worse before I got out of the house. It all ended with his mother picking him up. The next day he didn't remember any of it. He is not aloud back in our home on that medication ever again! He says its like he wasnt there. He said at one point he remembered me screaming for the neighbor but didn't understand why I would yell for him if he was standing there. That was the last thing that happened before I left. Who ever that person was it wasn't my boyfriend!

-Submitted December 13, 2012
chair flipping

Second night using Ambien...I was visiting my Mom and Dad over the summer, and the second night I took it, I had just poured myself a bowl of Life cereal and milk, and sat down in my mom's recliner. I thought I was 'safe' because the 'recliner' would keep me from falling out of the chair...(like the FIRST night I used Ambien)....anyway, the next thing I remember is my dad pushing on my leg with his foot, saying, 'get up' fell out of the chair'....and when I looked around, I had 'FLIPPED the big recliner over, and my Life Cereal bowl was upside down, with all the milk and cereal spilled out EVERYWHERE....but I was sleeping soundly, with no CLUE as to what I had done.

-Submitted December 13, 2012
Nightmares after stopping Ambienzolpidem

I take Ambien (zolpidem) every once in awhile. I sometimes have taken an Ambien two or three nights in a row.

The first night after I have stopped taking an Ambien, I have nightmares. They are very vivid.

I wake up saying to myself, Okay, it's only a bad dream. Go back to sleep. Then I go into another nightmare.

The second night after stopping Ambien, I'll have vivid dreams but they are not necessarily nightmares.

By the third night I'm back to normal sleep.

Ambien works well putting me to sleep at night with feeling rested and refreshed the following morning. However, I am cautious about getting in the habit of taking it.

-Submitted December 13, 2012
My ambien experiences

I've been taking Ambien for a number of years now. I have always been an insomniac..since I was a child. This stuff reminds me of Quaaludes from the 1970s. If I dare try and stay up when I take them I end up shopping for stuff online. I usually buy shoes. Thankfully, even though I have no recollection of doing it the Bargain shopper in me still comes out. I find fabulous deals on them. I only know as the next day the Amazon receipt is in the mail. I may get a very very vague recollection of doing it but it's so way back in my mind. Ambien also make me very forgetful. I won't remember watching a movie or Tv show from the day before. I'm a small person 5.3 and 112 lbs. What may be normal dose for someone might too much for me. A couple of weeks ago my husband woke up about 6am to find the range in the kitchen was on..the electric burner was on high and burns bright red so you wouldn't not notice it was on before we went to bed. Of course I was accused of getting up, turning it on and not remembering. Who knows I have stopped taking them and I was also taken off an anti depressant....head wise I'm a mess right having brain withdrawals

-Submitted December 25, 2012
Ambien Babysitter Horror Stories

I have been with my husband for 7 years total, and married for the last 2. We are both board certified medical professionals who have specialized in pharmacology. He has several chronic conditions which are ultimately caused by one neurodegenerative disease, and can all cause insomnia. He takes multiple medications daily to control his symptoms, and Ambien has been a staple of his medication schedule since I've known him.

The first couple of years he reacted very well to Ambien 10mg, but he developed a tolerance to it and was increased to 6.25mg CR, then 12.5mg CR, and eventually a combination of all 3 strengths depending on how much he felt he needed to sleep through the night. This combined with his other meds and conditions have created the perfect storm for odd/dangerous behavior and has affected my husband in so many ways, mostly negative.

Sadly I do not have any amusing stories of late night escapades, but I have woken up in a melted puddle of ice cream in our bed on more than a few occasions. He usually gets back up after I fall asleep and helps himself to dessert, and always takes it back to our room. This is not a joke, he literally falls asleep in his ice cream every single night and I have now trained myself to stay awake until he is done (most nights, sometimes I am too exhausted). If I take it away from him he becomes instantly belligerent, so I have to wake him up every 2 to 3 minutes to ask him if he's finished or if he would like for me to take care of his bowl for him. Since he doesn't realize he's sleeping he gets annoyed with me and becomes combative. This is usually at about 1:00 am, and since I've then woken him up he'll stay awake until around 3:00 am, so then he takes more Ambien to try to get to sleep. Needless to say he is now so dependent on this drug that he doesn't even attempt to sleep without it.

What's worse is my husband smokes... a lot, and when he can't sleep he likes to go out to the (attached) garage for a cigarette... or 6. I know his habits so I didn't pay much attention at first, knowing he was out there with his i-phone looking up shit on the internet (for the record: Ambien has cost us 2 i-phones and an Android phone, total approx $1700, due to him dropping them in his marathon Ambien smoking sessions in which he falls asleep without knowing it). One night I noticed he was gone for over an hour and had been acting pretty wacky before he left, but insisted on smoking before he went to bed for the night. I found him sleeping in the garage, sitting up in a lawn chair, his broken phone on the floor at his feet along with a burned out cigarette butt on top of his shoe, all about 6 feet away from the lawnmower and gas can which were both full and incredibly flammable. He couldn't understand why I was so upset, and denied even being asleep at all in spite of the broken phone and hole in his shoe. After that incident I decided he could smoke in the den as it seemed safer, but I was wrong about that too. I have found him passed out at his desk several times with a burned out cigarette either on the floor, his leg or foot, or on top of the desk, which thankfully has a glass top otherwise the house probably would've burned down with the whole family inside. He cannot see my concern for this, and on top of that refuses to quit smoking because there have been studies that show that smoking may cause the brain to release chemicals that may help his disease state.

Just this week I found him: passed out on our bedroom floor, [he said he was comfortable and fell asleep(on top of a pair of shoes?)], in the den wrapping a Christmas gift with a giant cigarette burn in the paper (he said he accidentally bumped it with a lit cigarette), sleeping with dried ice cream on half of his face, and I had to ask him if he fell asleep in his pumpkin pie at Christmas Eve dinner. When he asked why I explained that he had whipped cream on his nose and cheek. He said he did it to make me laugh. I did't.

At some point after he was declared unable to work he decided that an afternoon nap every day would help him sleep better at night, in spite of the simple logic that it won't. After a few months he began taking Ambien to help him get to sleep in the afternoon as well as at night, but denied it when I confronted him. He finally admitted to it is when I explained to him that I know when he fills his meds and when I back-counted them the quantity was short. Bear in mind, he is a board certified medically professional for 20+ years, and that is an elementary technique.

My husband was a brilliant man with EXTENSIVE drug knowledge when we met. He had an IQ of 150 and was a member of MENSA throughout college; he graduated 2nd in his class, successfully managed multiple employees in a very large business district for several years, holds a teaching degree along with his licensure, and tutored me through my board exams. When he takes Ambien he slurs his words, stumbles when he walks, literally falls asleep while eating, washing his hands and talking, He acts like drunken idiot in general, and now lies to me if I ask him if he took Ambien. I know this may sound harsh, but trust me; I was raised in family full of drunken idiots and worked my way through college as a bartender, I can recognize the behavior. I can forgive the mean things he says when he's fucked up on Ambien, and the internet affair, and I'm obviously willing to deprive myself of sleep to make sure he has what he wants and to protect our family and home. That's not what bothers me; it's the fact that I have watched this drug, along with several other factors, speed up the progression of his disease by about 10 years. I have watched my husband deteriorate from a well-respected member of the medical community to an addict in a state of denial. What's worse is that his doctors don't know he has a problem so they keep prescribing it for him. I tried to say something once and he threatened to divorce me, and to be frank if I wasn't here he'd be dead in a year. I can't live with that guilt. Ambien has ruined my husband's health, career, mentality, family, and is working on his marriage. All that's left is his life.

So here are a few pointers to summarize:

*DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL AT ALL WHILE YOU ARE ON AMBIEN!!! You could die of respiratory failure for starters, not to mention liver failure if you have a long history of alochol/Ambien use.

*THIS IS NOT A JOKE, THIS IS A FEDERALLY CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE!!! Don't give it to your kids if they're upset, don't take it for recreational use, don't take it unless you need it, don't lend it to your buddy to see if it works for them, don't take it to calm down, don't take more than 2 tabs in one 24 hour period, and those doses need to be at least 3 hours apart and taken only if your MD prescribed it that way. Don't fuck around with this drug. Period.

*THOSE AMUSING STORIES ARE PSYCHOTIC EPISODES AND CAN TURN BAD FAST!!! Seriously, if you're dealing with someone who is hallucinating and delusional they're at that point considered psychologically unstable. I don't mean like acting loopy for a little bit until they come down, this isn't like smoking weed or having one beer too many. This is like LSD, Meth, Benzos, and Bathsalts all rolled into one little pill, it all depends on how your body reacts to it. Furthermore, if you are personally experiencing these side effects don't just accept them as part of the package. If Ambien was shutting down your kidneys or causing you to have heart attacks would you just deal with that? If so it wouldn't be for long because it would kill you. So think of those odd behaviors as brain attacks and stop their cause before they do permanent damage.

*IF YOU CAN'T RECALL ANY PERIOD OF TIME THAT IS GREATER THAN 12 HOURS CALL YOUR PHYSICIAN ASAP!!! This alone is a sign of a form of seizure, among other issues that could cause many more problems for you than insomnia. Memory loss is generally associated with brain damage, so assume the worst and ask your MD to make sure you're not going to have any other issues because of it. Like epilepsy, stroke, Early onset Alzheimer's or Dementia. Scary, huh?

*TELL YOUR DOCTOR AND PHARMACIST EVERYTHING YOU'RE TAKING!!! This includes other prescription meds, over-the-counter meds like vitamins and pain relievers, alcohol and nicotine intake; these can all affect how your body metabolizes meds. So can your diet, so if you drink a ton of energy drinks every day make sure the ingredients won't interact with your meds.

*IF SOMEONE IS TRYING TO HELP YOU, REALIZE THEY'RE DOING IT BECAUSE THEY CARE. If your gf says you act like a douche when you're on a certain med, your sister says she's afraid of you when you take your pills, or you hear about all the crazy stuff you did and you can't remember any of it, take that as a sign. Don't argue and come up with a bunch of bs to cover it up. Just remember, crackheads just want to feel good too, but that doesn't mean they're doing it right.

-Submitted January 6, 2013

So last night I had an experience that changed my mind about taking Ambien again without having somebody watch over me.

I have had all the usual experiences with it in the past, like words moving on the book I am reading, and having sex with my husband when I didn't remember anything at all, and texting some gibberish to friends.

But last night was a game changer. My husband and I were in an argument, and I had drank a couple of glasses of red wine and had two beers. I'm no stranger to taking Ambien after drinking, as I hate alcohol insomnia, bad as that is.

Apparently I changed out pictures from frames, shed my underwear and sleeping boxers in different parts of the house, put on lingerie, drank a bunch of beer from the outside fridge, and dumped the coffee grounds from the coffee maker, which was set to make coffee at 5am like always.

But the biggest hassle is that I decided it was a good idea to hide my car keys and wallet. Spent hours turning over the house today, trying to find them. I'll give myself this- I'm quite clever at hiding things when on Ambien, apparently.

I don't have any recollection of any of this, I just put the pieces together in the morning, and it led me to look up the subject on the internet, to see if this has happened to anyone else.

I apparently took more ambien while on ambien, as well, totaling 2.5

I have given the bottle of pills to my husband for me, so that I can only take it when he is there to watch over me, lest I do something much much worse, like things I have read about above. My eyes are definitely open to how scary this drug can be if you don't go to sleep, or in my case, go to sleep in an argument with your husband and end up too restless to stay down.

-Submitted February 11, 2013
Truth Serum ..... Apparently

So, aside from the usual reactions, interactions, and other actions, apparently another Ambien accolade is it's ability to transform me into a bumbling idiot spilling my guts to my girlfriend that I really do not care about her. Not to mention that I have only used her as a free place to live. Let's not forget where I revealed that we are merely roommates.

What the ??? How could I just spill the beans like that? Now while I'm sure that some of you ladies and/or possibly gents may say You should not lead her on anyway, in most instances I would agree. However, our relationship at one time was serious, and at one point I loved her very much, but lately the feelings haven't been there and I have not felt the love for a while. BUTTTTT, I was not ready to say anything as I do not have a place to live, nor any money saved up. All in all, the potential was there to really put me in a serious bind. It wasnt until three days of her giving me the cold shoulder that she told me what I had said.

To get myself out of that situation I made the argument that even though I may look awake, I am asleep and how can she hold spmething against me said while asleep???

Take care Ambien bretheren!

-Submitted February 14, 2013
Another one

I've been taking Ambien for about 6 months now and have had my fair share of crazy nights too, be it cleaning or eating or what not. This story to me is the craziest though. I took my Ambien one night and laid down to go to sleep. That is the last thing I remember until waking up the next morning for work and opening my fridge to get a drink. My previously almost empty fridge was full. I noticed this immediately and started looking around my kitchen. My cupboards were also full now. Apparently I got out of bed and drove to the grocery store. I found a receipt and spent about 140 dollars on groceries and then put them all away when I got home before going back to bed. I don't remember doing any of this.

-Submitted March 3, 2013

This drug has absolutely ruined my mothers life! It is too addictive. It makes her angry at every little detail with our family and even gives her hallucinations. I cant leave her alone to go to school and she cant get off of the shit. Even as i type this she is telling me about the ghosts she talks to and how they talked to her dead mother for her. I hate every bit of what this drug is!

-Submitted March 5, 2013

I have done many crazy things after taking Zolpidem. Last night I got a pair of nail clippers from somewhere,and got under the covers with my cell phone for light, and cut my husband's toenails while he slept. I have plucked my eyebrows until they were almost non-existent, I have online shopped, ate like a crazy person, and texted late into the night. usually I will remember the things I have done as a flashback, or a vague memory.

-Submitted March 12, 2013
cant trust anyone

I have been very ill with lupus,chronic pancreatitis...the bottom line is I have been a inpatient many times in the past few years...They were giving me Ambien mind you I already have a pain pump with Dilauid,moriphine etc...I woke up the next morning and I literally had a (babysitter)stay with me all day because I had the whole nursing staff being undercover CIA FBI who knows? I called my husband so he says ha ha no memory of that needed him to come get me because they were all out to get me...I wouldn't let anyone near me....soon after that I do remember ripping out my IV tearing all my hospital robes off...standing there totally naked and bleeding from my IV site...nurse came in and said what are you doing...I told her I was leaving with my sister...nurse said your sister? I said what the hell is wrong with you cant you see her laying right there in my bed? The bottom line is my sister passed away 2 years ago but she was there as plain as the nose on my face...pretty scary stuff...I am currently still on Ambien but I don't use it unless I absoutltly have to...good luck everyone be careful...

-Submitted March 23, 2013
scared of my huaband

my husband has been taking ambien for a couple of years now. occasionally he forgets that he has taken them and will either take more or do something crazy. tonight he ate six cookies and a pint of ice cream and when he was done threw the carton on the floor. i went into the bedroom to watch tv and when i came out he was drinking whiskey because he had forgotten he took ambien. i poured the rest of the alcohol down the sink and he started screaming at me. he punched a wall, ran his head into a locked door, cried on the floor, and threw a can of paint at the wall. i was so scared that i locked myself in the bedroom and threatened to call the police. he cried himself to sleep on the couch. when i tried to wake him to go to bed two hours later he told me that he didn't know where he was. i was so scared i was willing to have my husband arrested and comitted. i will be calling my husband's doctor in the morning to ask him never to prescribe ambien to him again. beware of this drug.

-Submitted April 16, 2013
Suicide is a known side effect

My best friend's father had been taking ambien for a year. None of us knew he was taking this. I am unsure of what other meds he was taking. But his blood pressure was through the roof & he had glucose in his urine. He had type 2 diabetes & had had a heart attack about a year and a half prior to being prescribed ambien. He had also had a stroke behind his right eye several years ago. He was a musician & played out in bars in his younger days so he was also a bit of a drinker. He seemed to be doing pretty good when he started taking ambien.

But after a few months on it, he was getting pretty crabby. Things he did not normally complain about bothered him. He thought no one cared about him despite the fact that evidence to the contrary was all around him. He was well known & loved in his community, had lots of friends, lots of family. He stopped playing music. He watched television, but always with the sound down. He said that the television or any sounds at all hurt his head. He stopped listening to music. He said music sounded like screeching. He was having dizzy spells that were getting worse and worse all the time. Also he was having pain in his side he wasn't able to quite locate. A doctor diagnosed him with acid reflux & prescribed a medicine with a known side effect: dizziness. He complained that he never felt good anymore.

His wife found a bottle of ambien in November and told him that's advertised on television. quit taking it. She made him flush it down the toilet. Since that was the first time she ever saw him with a script for ambien, she thought that was his first bottle. She didn't know that he'd already been taking it for six months and would continue to take it without her knowing it.

He was going to the doctor having all sorts of tests run to get to the bottom of the dizziness and the stomach and abdominal pain. The doctor said that although ambien is only for short term use... 10-14 days... as long as she tested for side effects it was ok. She had tested for side effects by testing his reflexes every time he came in. When he was complaining of how bad the dizziness was getting, she called an ambulance & had him check into the hospital: to find out what was causing side effects to a medication she had been prescribing to him for a year. She also had referred him to a neurologist... to look for a central nervous system disorder. CNS disorder is yet another known side effect of ambien. Do doctors get kickbacks for all of these tests and for medicines that they prescribe? Because they sure don't make any money from actually curing us.

The last time his wife saw him alive, he was standing next to the open refrigerator at 3:00 in the morning. She asked if he was all right, and he answered that he was just getting a snack. He was eating right out of open containers and throwing scraps at the dog. An hour later, the dog was barfing in the living room and her husband had hanged himself in the basement.

The doctor who prescribed it? OH no, it's not her fault... She'd done all she could. The patient simply would not cooperate and follow through. Well, of course she is going to say that. I had thought that he might be suffering from side effects of a medication and had spoken to him about this about a week before he committed suicide. A bottle of ambien with seven missing two days after he'd filled the prescription was found in his pocket at the coroners. Suicide is also a known side effect of this medication.

The poster who has told ambien babysitting horror stories is not joking, and has explained the brain attacks very, very well. Anyone reading this should take it very seriously indeed. Learn to relax. Learn to hypnotize yourself. Drink warm milk. Take melatonin & chamomile... If you really cannot sleep after all of this, you may have a deeper problem like cancer. A heart condition or diabetes will cause insomnia. It can also be a side effect of another medication you are taking.

Avoid ambien or anything else that is heavily advertised on television. The pharmaceutical companies are getting crazy rich off this. They prescribe it like it is no more harmful than ibupropin. They don't care about us. Doctors won't even make any connections between how you are feeling and look up IF your symptoms could in fact be from the side effect of a medication even when after round after round of extremely expensive tests like cat scans and MRIs they cannot find anything wrong with you. They know that they will receive a commission off any patient they refer to specialists, so there is very little incentives to take you off a medication they receive incentives to sell.

There was a class action suit which resulted in the FDA requiring a black box warning and stronger warnings & so after this lawsuit was over what did they do? Invested millions into advertising campaigns which resulted in a significant increase in sales.

Do you think your health and well being ought to be traded on the stock market? Or your children's or your parents' or your spouse's? Regular folks like us don't make much money investing in the stock market. In fact, look at how much money your 401K lost in 2008. Meanwhile, congressmen with their ability to insider trade do; corporate executives with stock options do; hedge fund managers do; wealthy billionaires do.

One last thing... ambien came out in 1992... Introduced by Searle, a subsidiary of Monsanto... This is the same company that has brought nothing but poison, death, war crimes & war criminals into our society. There has to be a better way to get a good night's sleep rather than end up taking a permanent dirt nap.

-Submitted April 27, 2013
Ambien during chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy causes incredible insomina. I used to be such a good sleeper...those days are gone. Temazepan is much safer. My oncologist prescribed me Ambien. I was informed about the side effects, but they seemed to improbable. Well....I have heard stories from my family about sleep cooking and eating..which isn't that bad. But when I went back to my own home, I woke up to same strange situations. I live in a rural area. A 1/2 hour minimum (gas station) or 1 hour round trip to a grocery store. I woke up in bed (clothed) with an with something uncomfortable poking me in the back. I rolled over to find a half rated sub sandwich in deli paper. Where did I go to get it? Scares me. The next time I woke up in bed (no clothes) pajamas soaking wet piled in a corner and a huge pile of dirt in my entryway. What? This drug should be recalled. I have no idea if I was driving, swimming, wearing clothes. Only my dog knows.

-Submitted April 27, 2013
Addicted to ambien

Ambien is ruining my life. I have fibromyalgia and have taken many different things for it. I also have a ton of anxiety ..I noticed when I stayed up on it I felt no pain or anxiety. Before you know it in taking more because of tolerance, running out and taking my husbands and getting multiple prescriptions. I have nights if not remembering and I got into an accident..and yet I've still kept taking it. I really feel alone and like a loser . I need to stop now.

-Submitted May 4, 2013
Dangerous Med

I was talking to a friend one evening and telling him about the problem I was having with nerves (bad job) and insomnia. He told me that his doctor had prescribed both him and his wife Xanax and Ambien and it had really helped them. He offered to give me a few of each as they had more than enough. After some talking, I decided to try one. He gave me 3 Ambien and 4 Xanax. When I got home that evening I took the Ambien about 8 since I wasn't sure how long it would take to work. I got in bed and was watching a movie on my laptop. That's the last thing I remember. The next morning I woke up to multiple bruises, a bathtub with a fair amount of blood, an extremely sore nose, a very expensive laptop on the floor (thankfully unbroken, except for a small chip on a corne) and no memory of anything. In peicing it all together I realized I had fallen, cracked my nose on the bathtub, hit my arm hard enough to break my watch, literally kicked the computer off the bed, and who knows what else. I had gotten up and taken all 3 Ambien and all 4 Xanax. I don't know how I didn't overdose. But that wasn't the worst time on a med like that. I was prescribed Restoril a few years ago. I did somewhat the same thing on that. I kept getting up and taking more because I thought I wasn't sleeping. At some point in the night I got up to use the restroom and as I started away from the toilet, tripped on some shorts my daughter had left there, and fell on the ceramic tile floor. I was so - drunk? high? out of it? - that I didn't try to catch myself. Consequently I hit my head on the floor, knocking myself out and had a huge goose egg on my forehead. The next morning I proceded to drive my daughter to work but don't remember much of it except getting home and hitting the parking rail in fromt of my apartment. My daughter later told me that she had cried and begged me to let her drive because I was all over the road and running red lights and slowing way down in traffic. I had a fairly severe concussion on top of all the med effects. Never again. Never. This story could have ended so much worse. I'll go without sleep before I put someone in danger, including myself, like that again. And these are just the scary things I did. The embarassing and stupid things are a whole different post!

-Submitted May 5, 2013
Plucking Crazy

I have taken Ambien for about 5 years for FMS, RLS and so on. I have taken it every night faithfully. It worked fantastic. I must sleep every night without fail or my life will unravel into a huge smoking train wreck. As long as I sleep my pain level will stay low and all is right with the world. Until about 6 months ago that's when it all began to change............ Some nights falling asleep right away. Other nights like tonight as I type still awake. Nothing. Not asleep. But am I?

Then there are the other nights. The odd nights, the strange nights and the OMG nights.

--- The eating of strange foods and devouring it as if I had been on a deserted island with no food for the past few weeks.

--- Suddenly waking up in the middle of the night with some driven agenda to do something, fix something, clean something. And by morning having done it all.

--- Having complete conversation, answering questions, asking questions with no memory of any of it.

---Getting up in the middle of the night and PLUCKING like crazy every hair off my upper lip with TWEEZERS. One hair at a time. I should have been screaming. My eyes should have been watering, my nose running. Did I say I should have been SCREAMING? My upper lip is as smooth as a babies bottom. I don't tweeze I wax.

----------Just makes me wonder what other interesting things I have done as the darkness looms that I have no memory of at all.------------

-Submitted May 5, 2013
Dangerous Med

I was talking to a friend one evening and telling him about the problem I was having with nerves (bad job) and insomnia. He told me that his doctor had prescribed both him and his wife Xanax and Ambien and it had really helped them. He offered to give me a few of each as they had more than enough. After some talking, I decided to try one. He gave me 3 Ambien and 4 Xanax. When I got home that evening I took the Ambien about 8 since I wasn't sure how long it would take to work. I got in bed and was watching a movie on my laptop. That's the last thing I remember. The next morning I woke up to multiple bruises, a bathtub with a fair amount of blood, an extremely sore nose, a very expensive laptop on the floor (thankfully unbroken, except for a small chip on a corne) and no memory of anything. In peicing it all together I realized I had fallen, cracked my nose on the bathtub, hit my arm hard enough to break my watch, literally kicked the computer off the bed, and who knows what else. I had gotten up and taken all 3 Ambien and all 4 Xanax. I don't know how I didn't overdose. But that wasn't the worst time on a med like that. I was prescribed Restoril a few years ago. I did somewhat the same thing on that. I kept getting up and taking more because I thought I wasn't sleeping. At some point in the night I got up to use the restroom and as I started away from the toilet, tripped on some shorts my daughter had left there, and fell on the ceramic tile floor. I was so - drunk? high? out of it? - that I didn't try to catch myself. Consequently I hit my head on the floor, knocking myself out and had a huge goose egg on my forehead. The next morning I proceded to drive my daughter to work but don't remember much of it except getting home and hitting the parking rail in fromt of my apartment. My daughter later told me that she had cried and begged me to let her drive because I was all over the road and running red lights and slowing way down in traffic. I had a fairly severe concussion on top of all the med effects. Never again. Never. This story could have ended so much worse. I'll go without sleep before I put someone in danger, including myself, like that again. And these are just the scary things I did. The embarassing and stupid things are a whole different post!

-Submitted May 20, 2013
Raped whil

My husband raped me, when I was taking Ambien. We were having issues and I had ended the marriage, but allowed him to stay. He was unemployed and I allowed him to stay, until he got his crap together. We slept in separate rooms and specifically told him not to touch me, while I was taking Ambien or any other time.

One morning I woke up and he was in the bed next to me. I was pretty sure we had sex. He said that I had asked for it. I felt sick, but wasn't sure how to react. I didn't think I could call the police because I did not remember it. Later that week we were hanging out with friends and he was drunk and started bragging about our sex the other night.

After our friends left, I confronted him. The fight got out-of-control. He threw me on the bed and smothered me with his hands. My dogs went nuts and he got off of me, but I had some friends come over and remove him.

I did not know he was physically abusive; however, looking back, I had gone to the ER 5 times in the last year from injuries, while on Ambien. I had flash memories of him pushing me and being abusive, but I thought it was a dream. I told the ER doctors, but I was out of it (because of Ambien), so they dismissed my memory of events.

I say all of this because people need to know that they should only take it in trusted company and if you believe something happen, it probably did.

-Submitted June 8, 2013
you are not alone

I have severe insomnia for as long as I can remember. I have been so tired lately, like when i wake up, i am more tired than when i went to bed. I have been finding my sexual toys batteries dead and thought they were broke, draining the batteries. And this week has been more blurry than normal, not knowing where my mid days go. Last night i received a phone call from some guy that knew me, and was getting pissed i didn't know who he was. Apparently, i found this guy on the internet, started txting, chatting, and skyping with him, in the skype i was masturbating on camera for him. I absolutely have no memory of any of this and totally crushed from it. My husband and i are very happily married, and he understands that i didn't mean to do this, but i still feel so violated and angry with myself. The guy had taken screen shots of it, sent to me to prove I did it, and I have never felt so disgusted and violated as i have from this. I see this picture, it's me, but I don't remember any of it. The stuff he said i did on camera, is stuff that i don't enjoy when i am aware. And another day, I woke my husband up for sex, starting talking dirty talk to him, even offered to have sex with another girl, I am not into this by any means, and have no idea why i would say it. I hope others have similar stories, and finding this site this morning is making me feel better i am not alone in these weird behaviors.

-Submitted August 11, 2013

Okay most of yall with crazy side effects have one thing wrong with your stories YOUR TAKING TOO MUCH!!!! look at your bottle it probably says (if your on the ten milligram stuff) TAKE ONE PILL BEFORE BED PRN INSOMNIA one pill MEANS ONE...UNO...UN...1 prn MEANS AS NEEDED a lot of the really bad stories you people are taking two three or four pills which is not only dangerous for respiratory depression but STUPID quit complaining if your abusing it like that. Ive taken 10mg PRN for insomnia for almost a year and i have had MINOR side effects i get a little frisky sexually and i get an intoxicated feeling but guess what? THATS WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO DO ITS SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU DROWSY THATS WHAT ITS FOR... BEDTIME i will admit i have taken it and then had sex but i never over dose myself and i only take it when i cant sleep. Half of your problems would be solved if yall took it as prescribed

-Submitted August 18, 2013
Not sure what to do

I have been taking Ambien (zolpidem) for a while. My husband has been telling me lately about all the crazy stuff I have been doing. Many times I will take my medication and go straight to bed, sleeping through the night. There are those times that he says he is up all night taking care of me stumbling around the house wanting to make phone calls, cleaning or eating. The next morning I don't remembering a thing. Then there are the times when I become a complete sex addict waking him up giving him oral sex or even riding him. He said I would tell him to hurry and fuck me before my husband got home. Which is nothing like me. Ambien has helped me but when he went out of town on business and I woke up in a strange place with two strange guys completely naked I knew it happened again. Not sure if I can tell my husband.

-Submitted August 30, 2013
I see dead people

Besides from the normal I can't remember sex, I see spirits. Most of the time they are harmless just hanging around misplaced. Sometimes there not so nice scary looking ones with red eyes. Husband says I always describe them in detail and I'm never afraid anymore. I have been on ambien for over 2 YRS. This rarely happens anymore. Hope this is just hallucinating, but who knows lol had a psychic in the family. The dreams are the worst they are heart racing scary those I can't stop. They feel so real like I'm going to get hurt for real its hard to distinguish them from reality. I tried the ambien er and they made me super paranoid. I felt like everybody was out to get me. I even set up voice recorders in my house to lisen in on my husband when I wasn't home. It was crazy.

-Submitted October 21, 2013
Wife gets horny but...

My wife has been taking Ambien for a few years to combat insomnia. About a year ago I couldn't fall asleep and I heard her masturbating in bed beside me. I was concerned because our sex life has been stale for quite some time. Naturally I became depressed because I hadn't connected her activity to the ambien. When I wrote her a note confronting her about it (after hearing her multiple times to be sure that is what I wss hearing) she denied it. I gave her the benefit of the doubt for a while and that was that. Recently I started hearing her again. To make matters worse, we have even less sex now than we did then. But her masturbation has increased dramatically. I initially tried reaching over to join in the other night but she recoiled like I was a snake and stopped moving. Last night, I tried going to sleep early because this has been severly depressing me and sure enough, she was at it again when she thought I was asleep. Frustrated, I jumped up out of bed and went to sleep on the couch. I vaguely remember her finding me out there about 2 hours later...she didn't even know I left the room right away which only added to my feelings of inadequacy. But I really suspect the ambien because she texted me this morning asking why I slept on the couch. I havent't answered because I do not know what to think. If she is aware and embarrassed or doesn't want to address why she would rather masturbate than have sex, that is difficult enough. But if it's the Ambien, I don't know if that is better or worse. Seems to me that if it is, the ambien is bringing out her desire for something other than me in a way which she won't conciously even admit,it will make our finding a solution that much worse. Right now, I just feel like telling her that if she would rather masturbate than have me, at least have the decency to wait until I'm not laying there having my already crushed ego shattered to tiny shards. (suspected that for a while anyhow since I caught her masturbating after having sex she had described as great....sure it was...right.) This bites

-Submitted December 13, 2013
Wife gets horny BUT...update

So a couple of months have gone by and I keep intermittantly hearing my wife masturbating next to me in bed. I have tried ramping up my interest when she is conscious, and honestly last month was pretty good...or so I thought anyway. The problem I have is that she needs to take her ambien relatively early so she can fall asleep before night becomes morning. So if I try to show interest after she takes that pill, she either doesn't notice or is completely wrapped up in facebook, pinterest, etc. I've checked those accounts and can't find any indications of infidelity so for the moment I'm not worried about that. That being the case, when she finally does unplug, it is too stinking latefor me because I get up at 5 am for work. Last night, I tried rubbing her stomach, legs, etc to get her attention while she was geeking on her phone. After about an hour or so, she finally gave a quirky smile and asked what was on my mind. By that point it was way late and I was too pissed to follow through so I feigned grogginess and said something like nothing much, rolled over and pretended to go to sleep. Sure as anything, there goes the noises again. So many things just frustrate me about this. But mostly, I still feel like she just is not interested in sex with me. I have studied more cases and if she responded like most other women I have read about, her desire should be more prevalent on the ambien...well it is but not for me in the slightest. Supporting that idea is the fact that she NEVER initiates sex anymore and she doesn't even playfully flirt during the day like she used to. As for the flirting, if I try to be playful I get the distinct feeling that she is just patronizing me and she responds in a decidedly neutral manner...and this is WELL BEFORE the ambien dose. If it were just that, I would just think she has lost her libido, but then the night masturbation happens so frequently that I must be the problem. I am at the point that I might as well give up and get used to pleasing myself in the shower from now on and taking extra ambien myself to make sure I am crashed out far enough to stop hearing her.

-Submitted January 13, 2014
Wife and Best friend affair

A friend and I had gone out one night for a few beers and upon arriving back at my place we decided he should just stay over and sleep on the couch and it was in the winter time, we'll I did not know my wife had taken Ambien that night and I fell asleep pretty quick but after a few minutes I awoke to my wife getting out of bed and like always when she gets up I awaken just habit I guess, we'll I asked her what she was doing and she said taking my friend a blanket so I didn't think anything of it but my wife sleeps with just a short night shirt and no underwear, I fell back asleep but woke up again about 35 minutes later to her still not in bed so I called out for her and she came back into the bedroom after a minute or so and I asked her where she was at and she told me getting my friend the blankets, I am very afraid that they had sex while she was in there because she was wanting me to have sex when my friend and I came in but I told her no because he was just in the living room off of our bedroom and I am sure I heard noises of that nature in there but my wife disputes it and says nothing happened but I am so sure of it because she doesn't remember anything while on ambien and after 28 years of marriage you connect in a way like your one person and I have been very sick to the point of throwing up when thinking about it, especially that night I did throw up. I cannot get this out of my head and it has been 3 years now and I want to believe her that nothing happened because she really can't stand my friend but when she can't remember driving somewhere and my friend was pretty drunk and a pervert in my opinion and had even made comment at a bar later that the reason I hadn't been out in awhile was because I was mad because he banged my wife! We'll needless to say we are no longer friends but I am still sick over this.

-Submitted May 3, 2014
Wife gets horny but...UPDATE

Well it has been quite a few months since my first post and things haven't gotten better...they're worse. We have only had sex once in six months but I've heard her masturbating relatively frequently after she has taken her ambien. A few days ago, she was at it again. I jumped out of bed instead of trying to sleep and stayed in the bathroom for about an hour hoping she would be done and passed out before I returned. I've taken the course that I will not even hint at sex with her until she brings it up which will most likely not occur. She has never been much for discussing sex or admitting that she either doesn't want me, or would rather I do things differently. I'm at a loss and I'm condemned to a sexless marriage. At least I get to spend time by myself on business trips where I don't have to listen to her night activities and I can watch porn to relieve my tension. No clue what to do. I WONT CHEAT because I don't believe in it plus I Love my wife deeply. Guess our best years in the bedroom are long gone.

-Submitted May 22, 2014

This pill is nothing to fuck with. I am 42 and a mature and sane married man. I have only taken ambien a handful of times. My wife was addicted to it and went to rehab, I have taken it, and it scares the shit out of me when she tells me what I was doing. I get off at 8am, come home and have a couple of cold beers, take one ambien. That is all I recall. The next day, I wake up knowing I had gotten drunk and stoned out of my mind on my medicice. I didnt recall however, my wife and daughter using their cell phones to record my embarrassing actions. At one point I had fallen into the wall, hense my sore shoulder, opened a can of refired beans, eating them out of the can. laying on the kitchen table, laying half way in my bed, my wife had a co worker stop by and help her get me into bed. I recall zero of what happened. I am all for having a few drinks and enjoying a buzz, but this pill is horribly dangerous. If you take it, lay down as soon as you can. DO NOT take this pill and stay up working around the house, or for GOD SAKES dont take a bath like my wife did. I found her asleep several times. When she was hooked on ambien we had some wild sex and i always knew when she was on the pills. I was a bad boy and took advantage. More forward 6 years, and its my turn. After the last episode, she took my ambien and threw it into the yard while I had went to work to apologize and thank my co worker friend for helping me. I have several stories about ambien. None of them are good or productive. I agree with the post above, I will resort to beer or liquor for my buzz after work, I refuse to die due to a stupid ass pill. Take extreme caution when on ambien. My wife wrecked our car when she was addicted on it, thank God our kids were not with her. I have fallen and hit my head, not knowing what happen. Dont be afraid to take it for helping you. But do exactly,,,, what the lable says. Good luck.

-Submitted June 29, 2014
Nuts and Seeds

I sometimes have trouble falling asleep, especially if I have stayed up past midnight. So, I have used 5 mg. ambien (zolpidem) once or twice a week for many years. I've had only a few strange events (at least that I am aware of). For me the key to avoid these is to take it and go directly to bed. I only use 5 mg. but it comes on quickly and if I stay up while it's taking effect, then the weird stuff happens. I got up this morning to pan roasted nuts and seeds on the stove top. I assumed my boyfriend had made them as I have absolutely no memory of it. Before even going to the kitchen, I rinsed my mouth in the bathroom and there were the remnants of nuts and seeds.....and I had brushed my teeth before going to bed! My boyfriend, said: no wasn't me....good thing you turned off the flame! The other stories on this site are much wilder than mine. This is bizarre....I'm newly committed to getting off these sleep meds....

-Submitted July 16, 2014
My son was wrongfully convicted due to Ambien

My son was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault due to Ambien and a roommate that didn't like him.

Part of the story has been told in he local Fort Hood Herald: innocence-in-sex-assault/article_2c80750a-06d3-11e4-bd6f-001a4bcf6878.html A judge gave hope to the family of a soldier convicted of sexual assault last week when he said he plans to recommend the conviction be overturned. During the sentencing phase of Pfc. Thomas A. Chestnut Jr.’s court-martial July 2, Col. Gregory Gross said he researched how to overturn the conviction himself, but he couldn’t find a way to do it. “I’ll recommend the convening authority overturn the conviction,” the judge said.

Chestnut was found guilty by a military jury June 24 of one specification of sexual assault and found not guilty of one specification of assault consummated by a battery. He was sentenced July 2 to three years in prison, reduction in rank to private and a dishonorable discharge.

“It definitely gives us hope and we are very glad to see that someone is seeing things correctly,” said Melissa Chestnut, the soldier’s mother. “We’re definitely staying positive and we’re going to try to get as much information as we can to the appeals council and convening court to see issues that shouldn’t have happened through it and hopefully get it all overturned. We’re hoping to get more public support so hopefully the public can help make it right.”

She and her son both stand by his innocence, saying his only mistake was to get involved with another soldier. A military legal expert said Gross must see something wrong with the conviction as well.

“It’s extraordinary,” said retired Lt. Col. Geoffrey S. Corn, a law professor at South Texas College of Law. “What that tells you is Judge Gross ... is just convinced that an innocent person has been convicted.”

Maj. Gen. Michael Bills, 1st Cavalry Division commander, is the convening authority in Chestnut’s court-martial. No commander has overturned a conviction at Fort Hood over the past year, according to III Corps officials.


Chestnut’s conviction stems from an incident with a male soldier in his Fort Sam Houston barracks room in August 2012. Chestnut, 25, is an openly gay medic from Dripping Springs assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team.

In an unsworn statement, Chestnut said he had an encounter with the victim, who was taking Ambien at the time. Chestnut said he didn’t know about the sleeping medication and thought the interaction was consensual.

“I wish that I had spoken up for myself sooner, and I am sorry for that,” he told the panel of eight Army officers. “In those 45 minutes had I known ... It was not worth this.”

He continued, saying he attempted to take his own life following his conviction. He said his biological father is a registered sex offender, but the difference between them is his dad really did commit the crime.

“To think I would put myself in this position ... I would rather die,” Chestnut said. It was the thought of his family that stopped him. “You’re worth more than that and having to go through this,” he said to them from the stand.

Melissa Chestnut said her son’s roommate — not the victim — told authorities he witnessed a sexual assault after getting in trouble for having too much alcohol in the barracks.

“He probably shouldn’t get involved with another soldier. His roommate didn’t like it and the other soldier just went along with it to save face,” she said during an interview with the Herald.

The victim also testified in the sentencing phase via telephone from his post in Germany. He told the jury he has nightmares, difficulty trusting others and is still seeking counseling because of the sexual assault.

Outside the presence of the jury, Gross addressed Chestnut’s defense team about the victim’s counseling. He had been in therapy before the date of the assault, Gross said.

The defense chose not to cross-examine the victim on this point.

We are trying to do everything we can to clear my son. I knew very little about Ambien and 'Ambien Blackouts' until this happened to my son. While trying to do research to help my son I can across this site. I feel the need to get his story out so that other do not suffer the same fate. We have started a website in my sons name to keep everyone informed on the situation as much as possible:

At this point I feel lost as I know very little about the military legal system or Ambien. I believe my son and would appreciate any help anyone may have.

Thank you!

-Submitted July 26, 2014
My boyfriend's Sister gets crazy on Ambien

My boyfriend's Sister lives with us a few months out of the year. She takes Ambien and we are currently hoping her doctors will substitute another sleep aid as her side effects are getting worse and worse. One night we got home from work around 11:00 pm to find her exercising. She acted as though she was awake, but the next morning she knew nothing about the experience. We have come home to her making food. One night we were talking to her and she acted as though she could not talk. She would just sit there nodding and pointing, then she called me to look out the window like something was outside. She recalls none of this. Her son said one day she put shaving cream on her face and was shaving her face. She calls and text messages people in the middle of the night. In the last month she has been violent in her messages to me. She told my boyfriend's ex-wife at 1:00 am that she was going to kill me and said she knew she would go to jail. His ex-wife was so freaked she called me at 6:00 am hoping that she didn't come to our house and hurt me. The things she said are frightening to me because I've read of instances where people hurt others while on this drug and didn't know it until they woke in a jail cell. We have told her she is not allowed at our house until she has been thoroughly evaluated by a physician, and taken off Ambien. The bad part about this is she is also bipolar/schitsophrenic, and I am unsure if she is being medicated for these mental illnesses. The family is aware of what is going on and assures me that she would never do anything violent to anyone. I don't believe it after reading all I have read on this web site. My boyfriend did call his sister after he read what she wrote to his ex-wife and she didn't remember any of it. I passed the message onto her children, sister and father hoping someone would do something. Thus far, she has gone to the doctor and a family member accompanied her there. But I am unsure whether or not the doctor has received all of the details on what she does while on Ambien. I personally think this drug should not be available to anyone. I have read that the side effects continue to get worse. I can't imagine it getting any worse than it is right now!

Ambien ( zolpidem )

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